Microsoft Paint Will Be Removed In The Next Windows 10 Creators Update 1

While there will be a ton variety of new features in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators update, something that most of us are familiar will be taken off in this time around. Microsoft has hinted that Microsoft Paint (aka MSPaint.exe) is on the list of features to be removed with the introduction of the new Paint 3D in the previous Windows 10 Creators update.

While it might not be the most capable tool, but Microsoft Paint has certainly played its role as the quick and handy tool for a quick scribble, cropping or saving screenshots for many for the past decade. 
The current latest version of Microsoft Paint on Windows 7 and later has shown a lot of improvement compared to the older version on Windows XP or lower, but it is still deemed to be poor in feature compared to the free alternative Paint.NET created by Rick Brewster. 
If you’re a frequent user of Microsoft Paint, what do you think of Microsoft’s decision on this? 
Source: Microsoft

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