Microsoft has recently unveiled new AI-powered advancements for Bing and Edge, which features new methods for completing tasks, visual upgrades, as well as the expansion of the experience to open preview.

Microsoft AI powered innovations Bing Edge featured

For starters, the new Bing search engine is finally in open preview and is accessible to everyone without a waitlist while having a more visual and productive search experience. On top of that, its Image Creator tool is now available in over 100 languages to enable users to create images in their native language.

Another great improvement is that the Bing chat feature also received more productivity enhancements, such as maintaining access to chat history as well as sharing and exporting functionalities.

On the other hand, the chat in Edge will have improved summarization capabilities for long documents like PDFs and longer-form websites to make it easier to read dense online content.

Not only that, but Microsoft is also implementing third-party plug-ins into the Bing chat experience to create a platform for developers. A good example is that Bing chat will leverage OpenTable to help users find and book reservations to make people’s lives easier.

Kindly refer to this link for more details on the AI innovation with Microsoft Bing and Edge.


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