Synology has announced a couple of new dual-controller systems and they are the UC3400 and SA3400D.

Synology UC3400 and SA3400D

For the first one, the UC3400 is purpose-built for virtualization that offers high availability and reliable block storage over iSCSI and Fibre Channel. Thanks to the active-active dual-controller architecture, there will be zero downtime in case instant failover occurs, protecting critical systems and services during emergencies.

It also has innate data protection with strict regulatory compliance and supports self-encrypting drives alongside off-site snapshot replication.

On the other hand, the SA3400D focuses on storage tasks. Packing efficiency and reliability, the active-passive architecture allows minute-level failover times to minimize service downtime. IT infrastructure engineers can also leverage the speed of SSDs in combination with HDD efficiency through hybrid storage arrays.

Snapshot Replication and Hyper Backup will be the go-to tools for protecting and restoring data. Synology’s Active Backup Suite also contains all sorts of features accessible through Windows, macOS, Linux, VMs, and cloud applications. Teams can also utilize collaborative tools to share and edit content fully online.


The Synology UC3400 and the SA3400D are acquirable starting today but be sure to consult your local representatives for more information.


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