Folks at LIAN LI have announced the enhanced version of their RGB ATX cables for 8-pin and 24-pin, the STRIMER PLUS, that is made with better quality, improved visual effects and most importantly, more RGB.

The essence of ever-changing-rainbow-pattern has deeply influenced the world of gaming and since became associated with gamers to the point where flashy rigs and peripherals have more priority than hardware performance for some user base. With tables and chairs attached with LEDs to carpet mats for gaming chairs (yes, they do exist), companies are trying their best to implement RGB to something new. And LIAN LI is no stranger to that as well, as they are one of the earliest adopters that focuses on RGB cables for PC rigs rather than peripherals.



Brightness, light configurations, and flexibility is the name of the game for STRIMER PLUS. With a total of 120 and 108 LEDs (24-pin and 8-Pin respectively) giving out 7 colors and 18 light modes it can be managed through its controller or synchronized with the motherboard RGB control software for a uniformity. Mixing and matching every single effect will make up a total of 84 unique light combination for your creative brains to play with. And they are easy to install as well, with its orientation fully reversible for vertically mounted graphics cards. The 24-pin variant will have the controller bundled as a package.

Currently only US and UK market get to purchase it at $49.99 USD throughout March and availability for Malaysia has not been announced yet, therefore, make sure to get first-hand news through LIAN LI Malaysia’s Facebook page when they do arrive or head over to the product page to know more about it.

I honestly just wish that the LIAN LI logo wouldn’t be as obvious on the cable header . Makes everything looks a bit tacky.


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