KLEVV has announced a couple of new PCIe NVMe drives for the global market that is stealthy and simple.


For starters, the CRAS C920 finally steps up the game by using PCIe 4.0 as the transfer protocol and as expected, it rivals some of the top boys in the market at 7.0GB/s reads and 6.85GB/s writes with compatibility spanned across both Intel and AMD due to both them supporting PCIe 4.0 with their latest CPU offerings. Capacities available are 1TB and 2TB.



Meanwhile, the C720 stands between price and performance balance because it is still a PCIe 3.0 drive at 3.4GB/s reads and 3.1GB/s writes which is plenty enough for mainstream and casual users looking out for some fast backups.

Both drives run smart SLC caching and hardware LDPC that enhances both performance and endurance. In case you didn’t know, it also has a free Acronis True Image HD 2018 license key bundled with each drive.


For KLEVV products in Malaysia, it is distributed none other than Sun Cycle, whose product update comes in the form of weekly reports by us. We are sure that when they are ready, we will be receiving the actual pricing info as well so stay tuned!


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