Looking for a thin and sleek RAM to go with your oversized “dual tower monster CPU cooler”? KLEVV’s new FIT V DDR5 RAM should answer that question pretty swiftly.


Officially going in stock and carried by various distributors starting July, the FIT V DDR5 ditches all the “RGBs” and fancy-looking shapes for a super simple, sleek, thin, and white-colored theme, featuring a form factor at just 33mm to make way for other parts like air coolers.

The advanced aluminum heat spreader is designed to maintain the same level of heat dissipation too.

Aside from the built-in PMIC and on-die ECC which is the go-to standard of DDR5, KLEVV also implemented multilayer PCB for stronger and stable signal strength as well as a thermal sensor for monitoring purposes. Various motherboard brands also took it for a spin and as expected, it passed all those QVL tests.

So no matter if you’re a AAA gamer, a productivity-focused worker, or just a casual user, you need something thin, just look for the KLEVV FIT V DDR5 RAM.


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