Kingston Upcoming UV500 Series SSD Will Feature Marvell's Latest 4-Channel Controller 1

Kingston today announced over 6 million SSD units between the Kingston and HyperX lines have been shipped worldwide featuring Marvell controllers. The feat was accomplished in just over two years as the HyperX Predator PCIe SSD in February 2015 was the company’s first SSD to ship utilizing a Marvell controller. Marvell’s 88SS9293 controller provides lightning fast, next generation SSD performance making HyperX Predator PCIe SSD a must have for system-builders and enthusiasts.
The Marvell’s 88SS1074 four-channel controller powered UV400 SSD was released in May of 2016, as Kingston aims to provide users of all level the benefits of high-performance storage. As the product range evolves later this year, Kingston will launch its first 3D NAND-enabled SSD utilizing Marvell’s newest 88SS1074 full turnkey (FTK) solution, the UV500 series SSD. The UV500 will be available in 2.5”, M.2 and mSATA form factors to cater users with different needs. While it is designed for mainstream users, the UV500 SSD too has 256-bit AES encryption and TCG Opal 2.0 enabled to cater the needs of enterprise users.
“Marvell is proud of the success in our collaboration with Kingston, and is excited to be extending it with our first in-house developed FTK solution on our 88SS1074 controller,” said Nigel Alvares, VP of SSD & Enterprise Storage Marketing, Storage Group, Marvell. “Kingston’s UV500 will be able to offer industry-leading 3D NAND performance, endurance, data integrity and reliability using our third generation of NANDEdge™ technology, the industry’s most advanced low-density parity check (LDPC) error correction platform available, and integrated in all of our latest SATA, SAS and PCIe controllers.” 
“We are happy with the work we’ve achieved with the Marvell team to deliver higher performance and quality products to our customers; and, to have reached such a mark like 6 million SSDs shipped in such a short time,” said Kingston. “We’re looking to keep that ‘units shipped’ number growing with this next generation drive series utilizing 3D NAND and Marvell’s full turnkey solution. UV500 will deliver excellent performance and reliability for both consumer and system builder users.”
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