Kingston Technology has proudly announced that they continuing its partnership with NXP Semiconductors by supplying memory chips for the i.MX 8 application processors.

Kingston NXP Partnership eMMC Family eMMC chips

Basically, the i.MX 8 is a standalone computing unit with an SoC, RAM, and storage that is used to power many mobile computing solutions, ranging from IoT and edge computing to stuff like 5G and automobile fleet tracking and Kingston’s role in this is to supply the eMMC memory chips for the product and what do you know, they’ve been doing this since the iMX 6 generation which means that this time is already the 3rd product iteration.

Current generation smart devices need to behave like a computer that you use in your house and office but in a very compact size and normally only perform dedicated tasks to serve the needs of the user. With Kingston continuously churning out quality chips for mobile computing devices, other industry partners that utilize NXP products can rest assure that Kingston is still around in the ecosystem.


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