The wait is finally over as Kingston is giving its full support for DDR5 in the laptop and small form factor market starting today.

Kingston FURY Impact DDR5

The product is none other than the FURY Impact DDR5 SODIMM designed to provide all the DDR5 advantages while keeping its iconic size to give a maximum improvement of 50% over DDR4 in things like gaming, rendering, multitasking, and more while keeping power consumption and efficiency at check thanks to all the cool new tech and lower voltage requirement. Available in capacities of up to 64GB, it automatically supports 4800MT/s at lower latency over the standard DDR5-4800 with official Intel XMP 3.0 certification to let you fine-tune every setting at your disposal without compromising data integrity and overall stability.

Delving into the details, it is revealed that the latencies are actually CL38 (38-38-38) so in order to harness its full capability, users are encouraged to check with the support from the respective manufacturer although it is safe to assume that the higher class workstation laptops should have no problem utilizing them.

It is currently unknown when will stocks for the Kingston FURY Impact DDR5 SODIMM module reach Malaysia.

On the other hand, click here for more information instead.


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