Kingston fans living in Taiwan are due for a big sweet treatment because the branch over there just opened up the world’s 1st Kingston FURY Gaming Lab in Hsinchu Science Park.

Kingston FURY Gaming Lab 2

Sporting a glamorous design of the Kingston FURY energy, the entire space is branded with the memory giant’s signature colors of Fiery Red and Jet Black alongside vibrant RGB lighting effects powered by surrounding LEDs to give visitors of gamers and casuals alike a taste of the superior gaming atmosphere. Slicing up the zones and there are 3 of them which are Zone A, Zone B, and Zone C which houses different booths and displays for specific purposes including:

  • Zone A – A DRAM-shaped pillar where visitors participate in an interactive game to understand the type of gamers they are with product solutions recommended to best fit their needs

Kingston FURY Racing Spacecraft

  • Zone B – A trio of extreme PC builds of FURY Racing Spacecraft, Memory Nexus, and FURY Jet Pack are shown in which they are equipped with a variety of Kingston FURY products such as DDR5 RAM, Renegade PCIe 4.0 SSD, Impact DDR5 SODIMMs and more
  • Zone C – Dive deep into Kingston’s engineering process and its strategic alliance with industry partners that ensure seamless platform compatibility and performance

Kingston FURY also previewed the addition of new RGB patterns for the DDR5 family inclusive of 16 presets spanning from countdown and fireworks to flames and rhythm, all controlled by the Kingston FURY CTRL software, not to mention the complete personalization and fine-tuning capabilities towards the colors and speeds of those lighting schemes.


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