Kingston has announced that its DDR5 UDIMMS has received the Intel Platform Validation check and is ready to start production to meet the debut of DDR5-based platforms next year.

Kingston DDR5 Intel Platform Validation

At launch, Kingston will be producing 2 different DDR5 UDIMMS with capacities of 16GB and 32GB both rated at DDR5-4800 1.1V that is capable of enabling more bandwidth and throughput while consuming less power overall for all the upcoming DDR5-based systems and Intel strikes the iron at the hottest moment by letting Kingston completing its Platform Validation program to get full certification and standard compliance towards its upcoming Alder Lake CPUs and Z690 motherboards.

The company all provided more than 10,000 DDR5 UDIMM samples to major motherboard manufacturers and technology partners around the world to greatly speed up the adoption and commercialization of DDR5 with ample support so that the market can transit towards the next generation of consumer-level computing with enhanced performance, data integrity, density, and scalability.

Question is, when is AMD’s turn?


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