Just at the end of March, Kingston has announced that the world record for DDR4 RAM overclocking has been renewed to a new high of 7156MHz but this has become a past just shy of a month later.

Kingston DDR4 7200Mhz World Record 2

Done by the same people and team over in Taiwan, the new record is now currently at a whole number of 7200MHz by using the same RAM kit of last time – the HyperX Predator 8GB 4600MHz while the motherboard has been upgraded to the new MSI MEG Z590 UNIFY-X with the CPU still being the same old Intel Core i9-11900KF. The record-breaking frequency is currently available for inspection at HWBOT and has been verified through valid CPU-Z screenshots which can be found over on the respective website.

Good lord these guys really pushed the limits of what DDR4 can do though. I wonder how far can they go when DDR5 reaches the mainstream consumer market.


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