The ROG Masters 2021 APAC CS: GO tournament has concluded with Thailand’s own ZIGMA getting crowned as the champion.


Currently one of the best CS: GO teams in Thailand, it is no surprise that ZIGMA came into the ROG Masters APAC by triumphing over other 34 Thai teams and winning the country qualifiers on March 27 and subsequently Four Seasons Gaming from Korea and Indonesia’s Team Fortez during R32 and R16 of the tournament. With 4 teams left to compete in the semifinal, they also managed to beat Singapore’s Huat Zai 2 to 0 and moved up to the Grand Finals against Expendables coming from the Philippines.

Over the course of the entire battle which lasted over 2 hours, ZIGMA took the Map 1 Overpass 16 to 10 while Expendables retake Map 2 Mirage in a 16 to 14 reverse sweep fashion all the way from 9 points. But lastly, ZIGMA proved that they are the kings of Inferno in a 16:9 score to secure the crown and took home USD10,000. What’s more, ZIGMA’s only map loss was only Mirage against Expendables while they won all the others. A super-strong performance by the king of Thai CS: GO.

Catch the entire live stream replay here to relive the moments here.


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