While we expect Intel to release its desktop variant 7th Generation Core Processors very soon, there’s already leaked Geekbench 4 benchmark result involving its upcoming Core i7-7700K . 
According to the source, the Intel Core i7 7700K features the usual specs of 4 cores and 8 thread, but with a higher base clock of 4.2GHz and is capable to boost up to 4.5GHz via Intel Turbo Boost, which is by far the highest clocked Intel CPU. Apart from its higher clock over its predecessor, the Core i7 7700K is reported to have a TDP of 95W and LGA 1151 socket design which is compatible with Intel 100 series chipset
Moving on with its performance, the leaked Geekbench 4 benchmark result shows that the Core i7-7700K has a single threaded score of 6131 and multi threaded score of 20243. The Skylake based Core i7 6700K on the other hand, scored 4300 on single thread and 16756 on multi thread.  
Based on the results, the Core i7 7700K is showing an impressive performance improvement of 42% on single threaded performance and 20% increase in multi threaded performance over the current Skylake-based Core i7-6700K.
(Source: WCCFTech)

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