Brands around the world have often relied on 3rd party OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to produce small components to be embedded into the main device or side peripherals like wires, headphones, and such that you have probably wondered who made them. To answer that question for you, we have come across LITE and EnerGi at Computex 2021 that introduced themselves as one of the most experienced OEM brands.

Liteconn LITE

First, let’s talk about LITE as not many people are familiar with them. The company started its business in Taipei in 1982 and currently has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience under its belt spanning across portfolios of connectors for computers, antennas, and transformers. Striking a motto of ‘Industry-Leading, Innovation, Trust and Excellence’, the brand produces items that you can find on and for everyday devices like PC, laptops, and smartphones such as USB cables, adapters, hubs, card readers, RJ45 ports, just to name a few. With almost a full process line available for utilization, LITE is doing all of them from designing, molding, injecting to stamping and assembling so that partners can get a full product completed and delivered to them just by interacting with LITE alone. As a result, its parent company Liteconn’s core audience consists of both the consumer and industry space with the latter being who LITE deals with the majority of the time.

EnerGi Logo

On the other hand, similarly, Taipei-based EnerGi specializes in offering customized power solutions for industry use, particularly in the field of computing, network, motors, optoelectronics, and related semiconductor equipment. With strict requirements and standards, EnerGi is capable of designing and producing heavy-duty power cables to meet various sector’s needs from general water resistance to proprietary automobile or medical device use that pretty needs to be durable, reliable, and made with high-quality materials. They can also churn out special molds according to the requirements of the client’s manufacturing process or print PCB circuits and applying SMT to attach electronic components. In a simpler term, EnerGi focuses on making sure that industrial equipment is getting power delivered into them in a high-quality fashion with a dedicated solution available at any time.

If you are interested in getting a batch of OEM equipment yourself or need expert advice and solutions related to power for your factory or industry facilities, check them out and contact them through the links below or email at [email protected].


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