ILLEGEAR’s BOLT series curved gaming monitors may be a hit in the local market for being high performance while staying competitively priced but now the brand is giving the traditional flat displays some love with the new APEX series display.

The new APEX series debuts 2 models in total: The APEX 24 and APEX 27 with the core difference spanning across multiple characteristics so you can safely or technically assume both of these products are two completely different brothers brought into the same family.

ILLEGEAR APEX Low Backlight Bleed

For the APEX 24, it is made to be the more accessible option as at around the RM700 mark, it provides a standard high refresh rate TN panel that outputs visuals at a decent and acceptable quality but the highlight of it is its back, sporting a premium glass back cover while staying thin and light. A special backlight is also given to it that does not bleed to the front because subtle hues sometimes work wonders, especially in dark rooms.


Moving over to the APEX 27, this one is fully made to be an actual good gaming monitor. Not only it has the same refresh rate and response time as the APEX 24 at 1ms, the resolution gets bumped up to 1440p as well with additional quality-of-life features added to make it even more compelling for purchase such as built-in speakers, screw-less stand in addition to adjustable height and pivot function. The price difference also sets apart both models through HDR support and better overall color gamut, suitable for those who chase absolute visual fidelity or doing a little graphical work when not gaming.

Here’s a quick rundown of the full specs for both of them together with the price tag.




Premium TN


Aspect Ratio








Refresh Rate

Up to 165Hz

HDR Support



Color Gamut

98% sRGB

72% NTSC

95% DCI-P

75% Adobe RGB

100% sRGB

72% NTSC

95% DCI-P3

92% Adobe RGB

I/O Ports

2x HDMI 1.4

1x DP 1.2

1x VGA

1x 3.5mm Headphone Jack

2x HDMI 2.0

2x DP 1.2

1x 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Official MSRP RM739 RM1,199


Stocks for the ILLEGEAR APEX 24 are currently up and running while the APEX 27 is still within the preorder phase. As a bonus, you’ll get RM100 off the full price tag for placing your preorder within the promo period so why not act early if you already eyeing a good gaming display?

Click here to browse more about the ILLEGEAR APEX.

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