Oracle has unveiled a suite of new AI features in the latest version of its low-code development platform, Oracle APEX. These enhancements are designed to streamline application development, enabling developers to create robust applications more efficiently and with minimal coding effort.

A key highlight of this update is the introduction of the APEX AI Assistant. This innovative tool allows developers to generate SQL statements using natural language prompts, making complex syntax a thing of the past. Moreover, the AI Assistant can analyze existing code, explain it, and suggest bug fixes, thereby making the debugging process quicker and easier.

oracle APEX AI Featured

Oracle APEX adopts a declarative approach to development, facilitating rapid application creation. This results in faster deployment and less coding compared to traditional methods. The platform’s efficacy is evidenced by its widespread use: over 21 million applications have been developed by a global community of more than 850,000 developers.

The announcement highlights several examples of how Oracle APEX is being utilized in various industries. For instance, Trailcon uses the platform for its Trailcon 360 application, which manages logistics for its extensive fleet. Meanwhile, Natcorp, a Brazilian HR solutions provider, benefits from the AI integration, allowing users to quickly find answers through natural language queries within the application.

Oracle APEX seamlessly integrates with Oracle Database and its associated services, including Oracle Autonomous Database. This integration ensures robust security, scalability, and high performance for applications. Additionally, developers can leverage AI Vector Search within Oracle Database 23ai, combining semantic search capabilities for diverse data types with traditional database functionalities.

Analysts from The Futurum Group have praised Oracle’s approach to low-code development with AI. They regard the introduction of APEX 24.1 as a prime example of how generative AI can empower developers to build secure, mission-critical applications with greater ease.

Here’s a summary of the major AI features introduced:

  • APEX AI Assistant: Transforms natural language prompts into SQL statements, simplifies syntax, and provides code improvement suggestions.
  • Create App Assistant: Generates application blueprints based on user inputs, allowing developers to concentrate on unique functionalities.
  • Conversational AI Dialogs: Enables natural language interactions with applications, enhancing user experience.

The latest version of Oracle APEX is now available and will be featured at the APEX Conference during ODTUG Kscope24 in Nashville, Tennessee, from July 14 to 18.


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