With the popularity of video games Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the gaming peripheral market continues to grow at a rapid pace. Gamers also seek to further personalize their gaming visual experience and customize their PCs and the whole gaming environment.

HyperX, a division of Kingston Technology, is now ready to offer gamers both RGB peripherals and components for the best gaming setup as Alloy Elite RGB keyboard, Pulsefire Surge Gaming Mouse and Predator DDR4 RGB launched this year. Since the first Cloud Gaming Headset launched in April 2014, HyperX surpassed 5-million award-winning gaming headset sales mark in 2018 and continues to gain new fans globally.

Kingston HyperX RGB Gaming Peripherals Computex 2018 Featured

HyperX RGB Gaming Peripherals: Exclusively Made For All Gamers

Alloy Elite RGB Gaming Keyboard is available in red, brown or blue CHERRY MX key switches. Gamers are given the freedom to customize the lighting profile to their heart’s content using the NGenuity software, along with up to three custom lighting profiles that can be saved directly to the keyboard’s on-board memory for on-the-go lighting.

Predator DDR4 RGB features industry-leading, patent-pending HyperX Infrared Sync technology, providing an enhanced visual experience by keeping the module lighting in sync.

The Pulsefire Surge RGB features a design improvement that allows both palm and claw grip users to enjoy using the Pulsefire Surge while playing any game style or genre. It not only provides pinpoint accuracy with its Pixart 3389 sensor and 16,000 DPI resolutions, gamers can customize RGB colors on the 360º light ring, DPI button and HX logo all through the HyperX NGenuity software.


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