HTC Announces the New Desire 10 in Malaysia, Priced at RM 1,699 29

HTC Corporation, a leading innovator in mobile and virtual reality technology, is proud to announce the arrival of the latest HTC Desire™ 10 pro in Malaysia this holiday season. This latest addition brings stunning design and flagship-level features to HTC’s widely praised Desire family of smartphones. The Desire 10 pro delivers amazing high-resolution cameras on both front and back,including a brand new Selfie Panorama mode that captures extreme wide-angle pictures,and top-of-the-line features such as an ultra-fast fingerprint sensor. 
Inspired by the Art Deco movement in art and design, the HTC Desire 10 captures the spirit of luxury and modernism: bold, precise, geometric metallic lines – influenced by the same contours as the world-renowned HTC 10 – framed by elegant colors and sophisticated materials in a smartphone that inspires with alluring looks on the outside and powerful technology on the inside. Just as Art Deco evolved the art world’s expectations of elegance and sophistication, the HTC Desire 10 evolves what you can expect from an HTC Desire. 
“HTC’s Desire line has always stood for fresh, youthful,and fashionable designs that are focused on delivering a great experience,” said Chialin Chang, president of the Smartphone and Connected Devices Business at HTC. “Today, our Desire line is about to make its biggest leap since the original Desire.Inspired by many of the same innovations that have made the flagship HTC 10 so popular,we’re bringing these innovations to the Desire 10, making it the most brilliant Desire ever. With a brand new, modern luxurious design inspired by the HTC 10 and pro-like cameras, and including features that outshine even some of the top flagship phones in the industry, the HTC Desire 10 will have you rethinking what to expect from an HTC Desire.”

HTC Announces the New Desire 10 in Malaysia, Priced at RM 1,699 31
Bold and iconic new metallic contours
The HTC Desire 10 pro features an all-new stunning look, made to shine with a high-contrast metallic gold contour design that elegantly outlines and defines the smartphone’s soft warm matte finish. This bold, polished outline distinctively wraps the edges of the device, encasing the HTC Desire 10 pro’s 5.5” Full HD (1080p) display, and contrasting with the eye-catching body in one of four distinct color themes: Stone Black, Polar White, Royal Blue and Valentine Lux.
Sitting on the back of the Desire 10 pro is an ultra-fast fingerprint sensor that brings convenience to your fingertips: the fingerprint sensor helps secure your device, but quickly unlocks at just the touch of your finger. The sensor recognizes your fingerprint from almost every angle and position, and even lets you take selfies with it – simply put your finger on the fingerprint sensor to quickly capture a selfie or start recording a selfie video.
Amazing imaging experience
The HTC Desire 10 pro promises one of the best camera experiences around by delivering features normally reserved for flagship phones. Starting with a 20MP main camera, the Desire 10 pro provides extraordinary detail in every shot. Pro-like features are included, with DSLR-like control over your photos and handy preset options such as sport mode and night mode that let you quickly re-adjust the camera settings on the go. Advanced functions such as intelligent Electronic Image Stabilization provide smooth videos even with shaky hands, and Auto HDR on both the front and rear camera combines multiple images into a single, clear photo that looks amazing even when taken in low light or shadows. And finally to keep with life’s quickest moments, the laser auto-focus makes taking clear, focused pictures a breeze and you never miss your shot.
HTC Announces the New Desire 10 in Malaysia, Priced at RM 1,699 33
See your selfies in new ways
Desire 10 pro has been designed to give you the best possible selfie experience. Snap your best selfies with the 13MP selfie camera, and if you need to capture even more in one single view, Desire 10 pro features a brand new Selfie Panorama mode. With Selfie Panorama, you’ll capture more scenery and more friends and family in single big, beautiful, printable photo. HTC Desire 10 pro’s super-wide, 150° Selfie Panorama mode is enough to fit a whole football team with room to spare. A built-in screen flash is also available, which can automatically help you take brighter selfies in challenging light conditions day or night, indoors or outside.
HTC Announces the New Desire 10 in Malaysia, Priced at RM 1,699 35
As unique as you
The HTC Desire 10 proalso shares the same unparalleled personalization as seen in the HTC 10. Built upon the latest version of HTC Sense, both HTC Desire 10 models are fully customizable to your unique personality. HTC Freestyle Layout frees you from an onscreen grid and lets you get creative. Drag icons, stickers and widgets anywhere. Layer them, overlap them, group them and more. You can even link stickers to apps, and get rid of onscreen icons entirely. The home screen is yours– use it your way.
Express yourself further with HTC Themes, giving you access to thousands of professional looking themes, each with its own icons, background, sounds and more. From pets, wildlife and architecture to sports, travel, and so much more, HTC Themes lets your HTC Desire 10 pro represent your personality and interests so it’s truly one-of-a-kind – just like you.
HTC Announces the New Desire 10 in Malaysia, Priced at RM 1,699 37
HTC Announces the New Desire 10 in Malaysia, Priced at RM 1,699 39
Performance matters
The HTC Desire 10 progives you more space for the things that are important with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage spaceso you can load up on photos, videos, movies, games and more.And if that’s still not enough, the HTC Desire 10 pro also offers SD card support for up to 2TB of expandable memory.
Powering all these photos, games, and more is a blazingocta-core processor in the HTC Desire 10 pro, keeping everything running smoothly. Even at these speeds, battery is never an issue either, with a 3,000mAh battery to keep you snapping photos, surfing the web, and having many hours of fun between charges. 
HTC Announces the New Desire 10 in Malaysia, Priced at RM 1,699 41

Price and Availability
The HTC Desire 10 Pro will be available beginning on 26 December 2016 in Malaysia, priced at RM 1,699.00. For more information, please visit

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