Yeah, convert an Xbox One controller to become like an Xbox Elite controller. Not exactly though an Elite controller since there are no paddle sticks at the back. Hence “Elite-ish”. However, we do get the swappable magnetic thumbsticks and swappable D-pad with this mod – including the circular D-pad that is great for fighting games. Also, we now have the ability to cut the trigger button travel distance by half!

To achieve the ultimate Xbox One controller, we need two mods. They both total for less than RM100. It’s a little steep for some, but honestly – the Xbox One controller is already great by default. Adding these mods will enhance the controller even further, but only for certain specific use cases.

Knowing what mod to use

The first mod we have is the trigger stops. This literally adds a stopper on the analog triggers, so that the travel distance is cut by half. This first mod is simple as it requires less than 5 minutes to complete. This mod is a no-brainer since it allows even faster actions for fast-paced games like shooters or any action games.

The second mod is to swap the joystick and D-pad, which requires disassembly and voids your warranty. However, the mod only requires disassembly once, and then you’re good to go. Both thumbsticks and the D-pad can be swapped as they are held by magnets.

Xbox One controller upgrade Elite

I personally like the circular D-pad. It feels natural to roll off a combo in fighting games while still being clicky as the stock D-pad.

Xbox One controller upgrade Elite

For shooter games, perhaps using the longer thumbstick is better since it allows for finer control, hence enhancing precision. You can also use a longer thumbstick on the left and a shorter one on the right.

End result

I have to say, my Xbox One S controller is now 3/4 on the way of being an Elite controller. I can have a much shorter travel distance for my triggers, which allows me to press the button faster than before. I find it to be useful for many other time-critical games too – like Dark Souls, Sekiro, and also shooter games. Then as for the D-pad, it’s just great to have the option to use this octagonally-shaped D-pad for games.

Xbox One controller upgrade Elite

The thumbsticks are also up to my liking now. Depends on what games you’re playing, perhaps you might want a longer thumbstick for better accuracy, and vice versa. It truly depends on you.

Best of all, you can undo all of these mods if you want to.

Where to buy?

I got all of these things from Shopee.


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