Gigabyte recently announced AORUS RTX 2080 Ti Gaming Box, the world’s first water-cooled external graphics. AORUS RTX 2080Ti Gaming Box is equipped with the most powerful NVIDIA Turing architecture GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card and the latest Thunderbolt 3 high-speed transmission interface and this combination not only brings powerful 3D gaming performance to the Thunderbolt 3-enabled Ultrabook laptop but also upgrades the Ultrabook for real-time ray tracing game, creators and deep learning.

The AORUS WATERFORCE Cooling System is the only solution that combines performance and comfort, allowing users to enjoy a quiet and comfortable environment while handling heavy workloads.

GIGABYTE AORUS RTX 2080 Ti Gaming Box Featured

AORUS RTX 2080 Ti Gaming Box is the world’s 1stexternal graphics box with a built-in all-in-one water cooling system. In order to enjoy the best GeForce RTX 2080 Ti computing performance and both a quiet and comfortable environment at the same time, AORUS WATERFORCE is the only solution that can satisfy both demands in a compact size. AORUS provides an all-around cooling solution for all key components of the graphics card.

AORUS WATERFORCE all-in-one cooling system integrates a large copper plate, a 240mm aluminum radiator, and two 120mm fans. With an optimized pump and water block, it provides the most efficient water flow and cooling performance at a lower noise level.

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For Real-time Ray Tracing Games

Powered by the GIGABYTE Geforce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card, AORUS RTX 2080 Ti Gaming Box transfers the Ultrabook laptop PC into a gaming platform and delivers incredible performance for real-time ray tracing and graphics-intensive games. A network chip that allows you to connect to a wired network is built into the Game Box. You don’t have to worry about transmission interference during the game. Install AORUS engine and RGB fusion 2.0 to adjust the performance and RGB lighting according to your preference.

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For Creators

Powerful AORUS RTX 2080 Ti Gaming Box accelerates your work with incredible boosts in performance. Whether you are doing Video Editing, 3D Animation, Photography, Graphic Design, Architectural Visualization Or Broadcasting, it can save you a lot of time.

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For Deep Learning & AI

GIGABYTE GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti graphics card with 11G memory and 616 GB/s memory bandwidth has 4352 CUDA® Cores and hundreds of Tensor cores operating in parallel. It brings the power of GPU-accelerated artificial intelligence and machine learning to your laptop PC. AI developers and data scientists can achieve results easier and faster with AORUS RTX 2080 Ti Gaming Box.

AORUS RTX 2080 Ti Gaming Box is powerful enough to replace the GPU in any laptop PC on the market. Laptop PC users can enjoy the 3D computing power as a desktop PC rather than a low-performance laptop PC GPU.

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