With Palit and ZOTAC GAMING‘s RTX 4060 round-up out of the way, let’s focus on the “GMA” brands’ models for today.



GIGABYTE will be putting out a total of 5 models including 1 for the AORUS family and the other 4 remains in the main line. All of them will rock the WINDFORCE thermal solution that combines thick copper heat pipes, optimized fan spin directions, and strategically designed angles to allow more airflow in general.

Except for the WINDFORCE model that comes with a dual fan setup which is great news for smaller builds, the other four all use tri-fan thus have slightly higher boost clock capability/ cooler and quieter operations.

Design-wise, the AORUS ELITE maintains the signature Halo Fan RGB while the AERO sports the full white look. GAMING and EAGLE is still the same as ever with a metallic shade for the former and the iconic blue LED shine-through for the latter.

  • AORUS ELITE @ RM1,859

  • AERO OC @ RM1,769

  • GAMING OC @ RM1,699

  • EAGLE OC @ RM1,639

  • WINDFORCE OC @ RM1,579


MSI GeForce RTX 4060

Dual-fan is the name of the game from MSI as they introduce the RTX 4060 in flavors of GAMING and VENTUS 2X BLACK.

The GAMING model rocks the TORX Fan 5.0 design together with TWIN FROZR 9 cooling system for improved airflow and chiller operations while the nickel-plated copper baseplate and up to 3 core pipes help to remove heat passively on top of the brushed-metal backplate. Lastly, a small Mystic Light RGB shines the logo for a hint of subtlety.

On the other hand, the VENTUS is the same as ever – the best price to performance and the lowest entry barrier for a good GPU that forgoes aesthetics for full points towards performance and cooling. Not to mention that the black color will work in just any rig.


ASUS GeForce RTX 4060

As for ASUS, they have selected the top dog ROG Strix and the budget DUAL series to take the lead (Yes there’s a ProArt model as well but no availability as of now).

The ROG Strix carries the same colorful design with the RGB strip on one end and the bulky cooler to make sure the GPU stays as cool as possible or be overclocked to get more performance “for free”.

On the other hand, the DUAL model houses the simple dark color base and white lines as accents to give ASUS fans an easier alternative for the wallet when considering the RTX 4060.

  • ROG Strix OC @ RM1,999
  • DUAL @ RM1,539

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