Continuing the success co-branding their Z390 product line with G2 Esports, Gigabyte is launching the latest Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2 motherboard. In order to satisfy the high-performance and low temperature needs of professional gaming teams, the Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2 uses direct 12 phases digital power design and tantalum capacitor array, providing strong and stable power delivery and minimizing oscillation, bringing you the 10th gen Intel Core i9-10900K excellent high-class processor.

Daisy Chain memory routing and anti-interference design deliver improved memory overclocking and stability. As for Fins-Array II, Direct-Touch Heatpipe II, and 7.5W/mK LAIRD thermal conductivity pad alongside G2 Esports optimizations, we bring you an improved efficacy stabled user experience. In addition to ESSential USB DAC’s vocal cohesion and immersive sound, it makes the Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2 Motherboard a must-have for every pro player, even more so the best pick for any gamer at home assembling their own gaming PC!

Gigabyte Z490 AORUS Ultra G2 Featured

GIGABYTE engineer’s kept close in communication and collaboration with the G2 staff. Tested by multiple samurais using the Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2 Motherboard assembled device, after many discussions and adjustments, the making of Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2 motherboard has been brought to life with guarantees by the professional gaming team! All the samurais gave positive feedback regarding Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2’s low temperature and stability that the Direct 12 Phases Digital Power Design and Tantalum Capacitor array, Fins-Array, advanced thermal, and M.2 thermal offers.

Meanwhile, the latest memory routing and anti-interference design reaching DDR4 XMP 5000 high performance left G2 Esports in awe. In addition, the motherboard built-in 2.5GbE fast-speed internet and Intel WiFi 6 802.11ax wireless internet are both equally excellent. While using PCIe 4.0 design, it undoubtedly lets the Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2 sit among other high-quality AORUS motherboards and bring both pro players and gamers the ultimate experience of a top-quality motherboard product tailor-made for professional teams!

What’s worth mentioning is G2 Esports specifically emphasized the importance of audio. They hoped for GIGABYTE AORUS to improve the audio on motherboards, in particular for competitive gaming the most common front audio panel, which is one of the most important areas they were focused on. Because when you are in a competition and there is unnecessary noise disrupting or unclear reception, it can easily cause the team to be out of sync resulting in mistakes. Due to this, GIGABYTE AORUS ULTRA G2 particularly comes with a Type C interface ESSential USD DAC, through the built-in ESS SABRE HiFi ES9280C PRO high-end audio transfer chip.

This lets G2 Esports pro players the freedom to not settle for the audio loss caused by routing inside the case, all they need to do is connect their headset to the ESSential USB DAC to immediately enjoy the USB DAC to 3.5mm audio output. The ESSential USB DAC can also support the USB Type C interface on laptops, Android cellphones, and pad…etc. devices, making it even more flexible and useful. In addition to the motherboard adopted ALC1220-VB audio codec paired with WIMA FKP2 recording studio-level capacitor provides the best audio. Doesn’t matter if you are a pro gamer from G2 Esports connecting the headset to ESSential USB DAC or using the rear I/O panel can provide you the same audio level of a recording studio, giving you an immersive audio experience.

GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2 Motherboard carries many functions and uses the GIGABYTE acclaimed ultra-durable technology, to extend the lifespan as the main priority, using hybrid, digital and smart fan design to achieve a low temperature effect. Players can use this platform to experience AORUS support and its unique functions. For a better experience, the GIGABYTE AORUS motherboard is definitely the best option for high-end competitive gaming PC. For more information, please visit the GIGABYTE AORUS website

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