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September 21st, 2015, Brea, California – Giada Technology, an industry leader in Mini PCs, embedded systems and servers for small & medium enterprises, is proud to unveil a compact fan-less mini
PC system – the F103D. With a powerful new Intel® Baswell Processor and lower power consumption, the F103D primarily targets organizations in industry control applications and will provide a perfect solution for digital signage including electric white boards, outdoor ads, cinema trailers and other types, all in glorious 4K resolution.
The F103D adopts the latest Intel® Braswell N3150/N3050/N3000 Processor using the 14nm process technology that is greatly improving data processing performance while reducing the power consumption. (TDP 4-6W), thus offering a well-balanced cost/performance ratio. With the latest Intel® HD graphics GPU core, the F103D ensures stunning 4K output for digital signage. The Giada F103D supports Dual Channel Memory with onboard 2GB DDR3 memory for standard use. If more performance is required for e.g. video playback of 4K@30Hz, an additional 2GB DDR3L SO-DIMM is required to guarantee smooth operation.
F103D’s fanless design and excellent cooling solution makes it stable during high performance running. In addition, it applies the Giada self-developed and patented JAHC (Jehe Active Hardware Control) unmanned technology, making it competitive in secure operations and during maintenance. Additionally, Giada’s unmanned hardware/software feature allows for power automation and supports 3 key functions: RTC Wake Up, Auto Power On after AC Loss and IR Remote Control before the OS is on. These features are almost tailored made for unattended harsh environments usage such as factories, outdoor info devices, hotels, and educational and financial institutions and are easily set up and controlled with the JAHC software that is included.
Giada Introduces Fanless Mini PC – F103D 3
Featuring a slim design in a robust metal casing and an ultra-compact size – only 190mm x 149mm x 26mm, the Giada F103D offers unprecedented performance in its category. The modularized design makes assembly and disassembly of Giada F103D very easy. This design allows a swift installation of hard disk, memory and Wi-Fi/3G modules.
The F103D is equipped with dual Gigabit LAN ports supporting 1Gb/s data transfer rate, ideal for seamless internet/intranet connections, 3 USB 3.0 connectors along with Dual COM Ports enable more device connection possibilities.
With the optional WIFI/BT/3G module, the F103D provides extended 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth® and 3G wireless connectivity.
The F103D is specially designed to support both Windows® & Android. For Windows® OS, the F103D is compatible with Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1 and Windows® 10. The Android support is planned for 2016.
To learn more about Giada’s F103D please visit:

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