ZOTAC expand its reach to the embedded computing market with the launch of ZBOX PRO. ZBOX PRO represents the emerging of ZOTAC’s professional embedded solution that embodies high performance for commercial and industrial applications and differing business needs worldwide. The product line will make its debut appearance at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019.

ZBOX PRO re-engineers the functionality and small footprint of ZBOX Mini PCs to offer embedded product selections with more controlled tolerances. The series features a diverse range of industrial design and engineering from passive-cooled embedded computers, pintsized display solutions to powerful workstation-class systems. Professional-grade hardware are integrated inside the durable chassis, with an array of connectivity, memory capacity and storage options provided. With up to 5 years of supply longevity, ZBOX PRO guarantees a long lifespan to provide stable and enduring service supporting your business.

zotac zbox pro

“Our existing portfolio of Mini PC has made the global ZOTAC brand trusted in quality and reliability. This year we take the leap to reach another milestone with ZBOX PRO. The new product line will offer industry-leading performance and innovation for commercial and industrial applications, answering to the needs of our embedded customers around the world,” says Jacky Huang, Product Director of ZOTAC Technology.

The embedded solutions of ZBOX PRO accelerate and boost efficiency in resource and data intensive applications. Professionals can optimize their workflows in a variety of scenarios; digital signage, scientific calculation, digital art creation and production, CAD rendering, CAM Engineering, retail & finance, casino and gaming, medical and healthcare, IoT gateways, AI & deep learning, video analytics, robotics and industrial control, and so much more. Available with fanless and active cooling, and a more robust design, ZBOX PRO models are ideal for varied environments.


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