GALAX Overclocking Carnival 2017 and GALAX eSports Carnival 2017 (GOC/GEC) is GALAX most highlighted annual event of the year, and it’s happening in Bangkok, Thailand this year.

GALAX Overclocking Carnival and GALAX eSports Carnival 2017

GOC 2017 Finalist
All the 12 finalists for this year’s GALAX Overclocking Carnival

While GALAX Overclocking Carnival and GALAX eSports Carnival is having its 9th anniversary,GALAX has confirmed the date, prizes, and location of GOC/GEC 2017. GALAX decided to take a leap and bring GALAX Overclocking Carnival and GALAX eSports Carnival to a brand new location from China to Thailand. Recent years, GALAX’s business has recorded significant growth in Asia Pacific, not only for graphics cards, but also SSD’s, Memory and gaming accessories.

The online qualification contest of GOC has already finished. After a month of very competitive, extreme overclocking,12 overclockers with the highest scoring submissions were already invited to compete in the Grand Final which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand at 25th November, 2017.

During the GALAX Overclocking Carnival online qualifier, contestants have used GALAX GeForce GTX 1080 Ti HOF OC Lab Edition and GALAX DDR4 memory for extreme overclocking with really out of this world results. Greek contestants OGS has completed 3DMark Time Spy with 2.7GHz core frequency, while South Africa contestants DrWeez ran of the high score of 12429. In addition, four more contestants broke the old world records of 7 sec 985 ms in the GPUPI 1B, which were OGS and Phil from Greece, bob (nz) from Australia and Rauf from Sweden, while Phil in 3.012GHz core frequency to achieve 7sec 765ms results, proved the quality of GALAX’s products.

GALAX eSports Carnival 2017 Prize Pool

For GALAX eSports Carnival, local teams registered in October and will compete in the qualifying event of CS:GO in Thailand. The top 2 teams will proceed to the Grand Final which happens to be the same venue as GOC.

“We are excited to bring GALAX Overclocking Carnival and GALAX eSports Carnival to the world. Every year we have gathered overclockers and gamers from different countries to celebrate the biggest annual event of GALAX. Please come join us; we want to share our passion and excitement with all PC enthusiasts.”  – said Jack Lee, Vice president of GALAX Sales and Marketing.

Event Date & Venue

Date: 25th November, 2017
Venue: PANTIP PLAZA, 604/3 Petchaburi Rd. | Thanon Phetchaburi, Ratchathewi,
Bangkok 10400, Thailand


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