G.SKILL has announced a new addition of premium high-performance memory kits of the renowned Trident Z family – The Trident Z Royal Elite series.

G SKILL Trident Z Royal Elite 2

Through the refined facet sculpture process, the heat spreader now features the signature crystalline design with a total of 76 facets encasing high-quality memory ICs for the ultimate aesthetic and performance combination in addition to the already crystalline light bar which is a Trident Z Royal classic. Available in colors of gold and silver, the light bar still churns out RGB as usual.

With kits starting from 16GB all the way up to 64GB, these modules will also be screened through handpicks and various compatibility and stability tests to ensure it complies to the highest standards and quality expected by enthusiasts around the world. Here’s some basic specification info for reference.

G SKILL Trident Z Royal Elite Specs


The new G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Elite series DDR4 RAM kits will be made available globally starting this May so they should be made available in Malaysia during the same period as well. However, price numbers are not available as of now.


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