FSP has announced a brand new PSU unit dedicated to cloud or mail servers suitable for home use and SMEs, the Twins PRO PSU.

FSP Twins PRO 2Available in wattages of 500W, 700W, and 900W, it is fully compatible with standard ATX casings as well as PS2. The main highlight that is easily identifiable is the dual power inlet on the back that provides additional backup power in case of a failure while providing an equal balance of power during normal operation. It also contains a lot of safety features that protect the system such as overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, fan failure, and more. Meanwhile, the alarm guard design, LED indicators, flat ribbon cables as well as 12V ATX and EPS compliance makes it even better across the line.

FSP Twins PRO 1

To negate the system downtime during replacement of the PSU, the modular design greatly helps in this aspect as both modules are hot-swappable where users are able to change them 1 by 1 without the need to power off the system. With an additional power cord locking mechanism to reduce the risk of accidental disconnections, the reliability factor gets bumped up yet another level with FSP’s Guardian desktop monitoring software that records data for up to 30 days via a USB header connected to the motherboard such as power input and output, efficiency and more.


Local pricing has not been announced yet so we’ll stick to foreign reference pricing for now but it shouldn’t be too far off in terms of Malaysian Ringgit either.

  • 500W: USD429.99 (~RM1772.18)
  • 700W: USD549.99 (~RM2266.76)
  • 900W: USD649.99 (~RM2678.66)

A very steep price just for a PSU but since it is a business-focused item that guarantees reliability and redundancy, it is essentially having 2 units within 1 so it is very reasonable.


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