Hello ladies and gentlemen! This is Jack from Tech-Critter bringing you coverage of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 launch event at The Gardens Theatre, Mid Valley!
After checking-in and confirming my attendance via the booth they set up by the front I was greeted with this entrance which seems seemingly hollow and empty, 
But of course, I assume we all know that looks can be deceiving because the place was jam-packed! Walking along the hallway I could already hear the friendly banter amongst the crowd which consisted of journalists, enthusiast, business partners, marketing directors and the beautiful assistants at the booths as they patiently waited for the event to start. 
A few moments later , we were then guided towards the auditorium where the launch event was held. 
After all of us had found a place to sit and settle down, we were greeted with a warm welcome by Microsoft Malaysia’s managing director – Carlos Lacerda.

“Our research is clear: people want just one device that does everything. Our vision is that Surface Pro 3 is the tablet that can replace your laptop—packing all the performance and utility of a fully powered laptop into a thin, light and beautifully designed tablet. You’ll love being able to carry one device for your next class, workday or weekend getaway knowing you have all the power you need,” – Carlos Lacerda

Little Miss Siti demonstrating what she does with the Surface Pro 3, being some of the few early testers of the device, she sure knows her way around.
Generous! yes she gets the Surface Pro 3 as a gift for her efforts.
Ms Rukhmani, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer at Microsoft Malaysia then introduced the concept of the Surface Pro 3, explaining how they came up with the design and features which was actually based on user feedbacks. 
Some of the features of the Surface Pro 3 highlighted are:
  • Runs a full OS (Windows 8.1 Pro) so that people can use desktop softwares they rely on
  • 12-inch full HD display 
  • Light and thin at at just 0.36 inches and 1.76 pounds (30% thinner than the 11-inch MacBook Air and 32% thinner than Surface Pro 2)
  • Fourth-gen Intel® Core™ processor, amazing click-in keyboards and a multi position kickstand 
  • Surface Pen that launches a fresh page in OneNote with just a click of the pen.
  • Dolby® Audio enhanced speakers and up to nine hours of Web-browsing battery life.
  • For connectivity, the device will feature a USB 3.0 port, microSD card reader and Mini DisplayPort.

There are also accessories that compliments the Surface Pro 3, such as a new premium Surface Pen with pressure sensitivity, Docking Station, Surface Ethernet Adapter and an improved Surface Pro Type Cover that converts the tablet mode to a laptop mode. 

Ms Rukhmani also revealed the pricing of the device, which are as follows:

Processor Memory RAM Price (SRP)
Core i3
64GB 4GB RM2729
Intel® Core i5 128GB 4GB RM3299
Core i5
256GB 8GB RM4199
Intel® Core i7 256GB 8GB RM4999
Core i7
512GB 8GB RM6779
Local cartoonist Mr Reggie Lee tells us how the Surface Pro 3 helps him with his job.
Impressive results from what the pen can do within minutes when wielded by a professional!

“It is an exciting opportunity for me to be working with Microsoft Malaysia to share my interpretation of Malaysians and how they assimilate technology into their lives,” said Reggie Lee at the launch event. “Having used the Surface Pro 3 myself, I am pleased to say the device certainly ticked many of the right boxes for a person working in a creative environment: it was light, it was fast, it had plenty of processing power, and the touch-sensitive Surface Pen made sketching artwork a breeze,” – Reggie Lee

Two models then showcased the device with elegance and confidence.

Mr Sunny Ooi, Director of Consumer Channels Group (CCG), Microsoft Malaysia, then comes onto the stage to inform us on the availability of the device, exactly where and when we can get them.
Puan Azizah, Director of Small and Medium Solutions & Partners (SMS&P), Microsoft Malaysia comes to tell her version on how the Surface Pro 3 replaces the need for multiple devices for end users.
A quick photo session after that. From left to right: Sunny Ooi, Director of Consumer Channels Group (CCG), Microsoft Malaysia, Reggie Lee, Siti Lyana bt. Azman, Rukmani Subramanian, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, Microsoft Malaysia, Carlos Lacerda, Managing Director, Microsoft Malaysia, Azizah Ali, Director of Small and Medium Solutions & Partners (SMS&P), Microsoft Malaysia
And a closing speech from Mr Carlos right after.
After the launch event, there was a pleasant high-tea session where they served snacks and tidbits. At the same time, attendees also got a chance to try out the Surface Pro 3 hands-on by the booth with multiple display units. There were friendly staff close by the booth to offer assistance and answer all the questions that we have. As the time goes by, attendees slowly left the venue happy and satisfied, and sooner than I knew it, it was time for me to go too as the successful launch event slowly came to an end.

Overall, props to Microsoft Malaysia as the launch event went smoothly start to finish and they have no doubt showcased the potential of the Surface Pro 3. Be sure to stay tuned for our review of the newest iteration of Microsoft’s Surface Pro coming real soon!

Can’t wait to try out the Surface Pro 3 hands on , show up at the Microsoft roadshow which can be found in both Mid Valley Megamall and Lowyat Plaza happening for the whole of next week!


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