If you’ve been building PC over the past decade, Enermax is definitely a brand that you’re very familiar with. Known especially for its power supplies i.e NAXN, Platimax, Revolution series, Enermax are among the quality power supplies that PC builders would definitely consider.

Today we’ll be taking a look at Enermax’s flagship power supply, the MaxTytan 1250W 80 Plus Titanium which was announced last year. We’ve been testing for the past 2 months for various benchmarks with our test bench, and here’s what we have to say about the power supply.


AC Input Voltage100-240VAC, 47-63Hz
AC Input Current15A-7A
DC Output
Total Power1250W
Peak Power1375W
Dimension150mm x 86mm x 200mm



Enermax MaxTytan 1250W (2)

The MaxTytan 1250W comes in a rather simple packaging, unlike most of its power supplies from other series. For a 80 Plus Titanium rated power supply, a 80 Plus logo for its category is something you’ll definitely see at the front of the box. The unique features of the power supply itself can be seen briefly highlighted here as well.

Enermax MaxTytan 1250W (1)

At the back of the box, you’ll find the specifications of the power supply for both the 1050W and 1250W model. Notable features of the power supply includes the built in wattage meter, patented twister bearing fan, sleeved cables, Japanese caps and COOLERGENIE.

Enermax MaxTytan 1250W (6)

Since the packaging itself is pretty heavy, you can expect some weight from the power supply alone. Upon opening the box, you can see the MaxTytan 1250W sandwiched between two pieces of thick foam that is meant to provide shock protection. Since the extra protection is necessary, there’s nothing much you can complain about the size of the box – you wouldn’t want to receive it in a bad condition right?

Accessories Pack

These are the accessories that comes in the accessories pack i.e user’s guide, modular cables, zip ties, velcro straps, cable combs and the COOLERGENIE module – we’ll talk about this later on.

Sleeved Modular Cables

The modular cables are individually sleeved, so you don’t have to go through the trouble just to sleeve your cables. Unless you’re into a different theme for your build, the stock cables can actually last you for quite some time.

Talk about getting this clean and tidy – the included cable combs can be combined as well to cater for the 24-pin ATX power cables.


Enermax MaxTytan 1250W (40)The COOLERGENIE is a small optional module which can be attached to the MaxTytan 1250W using the included cable for fan control. From the photo above, you can see that the module itself comes with 3 modes – whisper, silence and off.

If we take a closer look at it, you can see a total of 6 ports on the COOLERGENIE module. The largest port is the one which is can be connected to the MaxTytan 1250W with the included cable. The rest will be the ports for cooling fans and one that is meant to be connected to the PWM fan header on your motherboard.

As we mentioned earlier, there are 3 modes available on the COOLERGENIE module. Once it’s attached to the power supply, you can connect it to your motherboard PWM fan header to work with the motherboard software. If you wish to control it with the module instead, you can press on the button with fan icon to enable it. Whisper mode basically makes the attached fans to start spinning when the system is at 40% load. Silence mode on the other hand, makes the attached fans to starts spinning only when the system is at 50% load. If you need more cooling performance, you can disable the semi-fanless modes and let the fan operate normally by pressing the off button.

Depending on your needs and preferences, the COOLERGENIE can be attached to your case via the included magnetic strips or velcro straps. For most of the case, we would recommend using the magnetic strips for easier relocation in the future.

The MaxTytan 1250W

Enermax MaxTytan 1250W (24)


Enermax MaxTytan 1250W (42)

Inside the MaxTytan 1250W is the patented Twister Bearing fan which boasts a long lifespan of a total 160,000 hours Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). Though, we didn’t really tested it long enough to reach that operation hours – the power supply will be obselete before this article can be completed.

Apart from the supposed long lifespan, the fan comes with another feature known as the Dust Free Rotation. Basically, the fan will spin in a reverse direction to get rid of dusts particles on the fan blades for 10 seconds and then operate normally like any fan would. It’s not actually a new thing for cooling fans, since we’ve already seen similar design in the past.

Enermax MaxTytan 1250W (27)

At the bottom of the MaxTytan 1250W, you’ll find a label sticker with the specifications of the power supply itself. The main highlight here is the +12V rail, which is capable out total output of 1248W.

Enermax MaxTytan 1250W (25)

For the output, you have 2 x 4+4-pin CPU headers, 1 x 24-pin ATX motherboard header, 8 x PCIe power headers, 6 x SATA or 4-pin Molex headers and a proprietary header for the COOLERGENIE module.

Enermax MaxTytan 1250W (28)

At the back, you’ll find the built in wattage meter, as well as the usual power button and honeycomb mesh. The wattage meter is probably one of the main highlight of the MaxTytan 1250W, which is really useful for the enthusiasts.

Enermax MaxTytan 1250W (48)

Here you can see that we’ve measured a 6W power with the MaxTytan 1250W operating on its own. This allows us to get a better idea to estimate the total system power draw. There’s no options for you to monitor each individual rail, but at least you’ll be able to determine the power draw of some components after a few runs.

User Experience

We’ve been using the MaxTytan 1250W on quite a number of test with Z390 motherboards, Z370 motherboard, GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti for CPU overclocking, memory overclocking and graphics benchmark. After almost 2 months of extensive usage, we didn’t notice any signs of overheating, unstable power or coil whine issue.

Even with 2 pieces of the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, the highest power draw we can do with our test system topped at a rough 700W. That’s not even 60% of what the MaxTytan 1250W is capable of. We’ve also noticed that the fan barely spins at all under normal operation. So, don’t get panicked if the fan is not spinning at all even under load. It’s probably that your total system power draw might not be enough to causes any major heat on the components which requires the fan to spin at all.

During our tests, we did have our attention to the fan as well in order to see how the Dust Free Rotation works. Honestly, we didn’t see much difference after nearly 2 months of usage – probably we don’t have enough dust here to compare with the other 1200W power supply which we have on another test bench in the lab.

Enermax MaxTytan 1250W (44)

Final Thoughts

Honestly, the Dust Free Rotation feature and COOLERGENIE isn’t something that everyone will use. There will be some who will find it useful, but we ourselves don’t really find any good use for these features since we’re actually using it on a test bench. Same goes for the wattage meter in the other way around. For those who really need it, you might find it’s position to be rather painful as well. Unless you have it installed on a test bench or having your PC case facing sideways, you’ll find yourself constantly looking at the back of your PC case just to have a quick read at the wattage meter which is located at the back of the power supply.

Those aside, the sleeved cables and cable combs is something that you don’t really see even on some really high end power supplies. At most, you’ll find yourself some flat cables and velcro straps for easier cable management. As for Enermax, you’ll find not just the velcro straps and zip ties. The sleeved cables and cable combs might not be perfect, but you can at least see that Enermax is putting some value there for its flagship power supply.

For a 1250W, 80 Plus Titanium certified and fully modular power supply, RM1,349 is actually a pretty good price for what the Enermax MaxTytan 1250W has to offer for the end users. We don’t find any problem recommending it to those who really need the features it has.


  • Solid build quality
  • 80 PLUS Titanium certification
  • Fully modular design with sleeved cables and cable comb included
  • Powerful 104A on the +12V rail
  • Adjustable fan speed via COOLERGENIE module
  • Built in digital display wattage meter
  • 10 years warranty from Enermax
  • Lots of accessories
  • Very reasonable price


  • Identical headers for the 6+2-pin PCIe power and 4+4-pin CPU power could pose a threat to novice users without proper knowledge in PC building
  • Position of the wattage meter will not be to everyone’s liking

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