Headphones have always been a great alternative for music lovers who wanted to enjoy their music session privately without annoying anyone nearby. A good pair of headphone can greatly enhance your music listening experience, but it will definitely cost you an arm and a leg.

Instead of going for something that is going to burn a giant hole in your wallet, we’ll be checking out on a pretty budget-friendly headphone from Edifier, the P841 in today’s review. As you may have already known, Edifier is among the renown audio device manufacturer in the world and has always been in the spotlight since the company’s acquisition of high-end electrostatic headphone brand STAX. With that aside, let’s move on with the review and see what this RM139.90 headphone is capable of.

(The Edifier P841 is retailed at RM139.90 ) 


  • 40mm Neodymium Magnet Driver
  • 32 Ohm Impedance
  • 20 Hz – 20 kHz Frequency Response
  • 98dB Sensitivity (SPL)
  • Microphone and controls for volume adjustments, answering and ending calls
  • 1.3m cable length
  • Adjustable ear cups
  • Soft leather ear cups


Edifier ships the P841 in a clean and simple packaging that is well aligned with its usual way of presenting its own products – simple but elegant.

Edifier P841 Headphone With Remote and Mic Review 3

Inside the box, you’ll find a cable clip, user’s guide and of course, the P841.

If clean and simple stuff is your style and futuristic looking headphone isn’t the thing that fits your personal taste, the classic, yet elegant P841 is a pretty considerable one to go for. It comes in 2 different choices of color (white body with beige leather cushions or complete black for both), with tiltable ear cups that fully covers your ears to ensure better comfort for long hours of usage.

Edifier P841 Headphone With Remote and Mic Review 7

Both ear cups comes with the left/right label to allow users to easily identify the correct orientation before putting them on.

Moving on to the leather cushion on both the ear cups and headband, we’d say that things are done very well here. The headband isn’t putting too much pressure on the top of your head, both ear cups cushion that fully covers both of your ears doesn’t exert too much clamping force that will cause pain over a long period of usage, which is something that is pretty much something that we’ve expected from Edifier.

Edifier P841 Headphone With Remote and Mic Review 11

The headband is expandable for up to 30mm on each side of your ear cups and the visible steel inserts used on the P841 are meant to enhance the overall strength while maintaining that flexibility which allows it to fit on virtually all head size without snapping.

Edifier P841 Headphone With Remote and Mic Review 13

And last but not least, the remote with built-in microphone and controls for volume and answering calls.

User Experience

It’s too early for us to say this but the moment we put it over our head, the level of comfort of the P841 is already something that is worth to be recommended. It’s lightweight construction and comfortable soft leather cushion that is coupled by a moderate clamping force and weight is good enough for us to use it for long hours without any issue. The noise isolation on the ear cups is nicely done, as we can barely notice any sound leakage from a distance of 1 meters away even when the volume is set to the maximum.

Sound quality wise, we must say the P841 managed to impress us as we can’t seem to notice any kind distortions in any level of volume, music genres. It’s packed with a decent amount of bass (not too heavy) that is complimented with clear vocals and decent mid tones, which makes it an ideal choice for users who prefers an all rounder headphone as their daily drivers for music, or even movies. It will do just well on movies and games, but from our experience, the P841 is just not quite there yet  – do note that the P841 isn’t really a gaming headset, to begin with.


Be it the level of comfort or sound quality, the P841 has proven itself as another worthy headphone from Edifier. Although its design might not seem appealing to those who fancy headphones with over-exaggerated design, there’s no way for one to deny what the P841 is really capable of.

The P841 is a fine set of cans that fits very well for music lovers who is looking for a bang for the buck headphone that delivers not only good sound, good comfort, but also one that doesn’t actually break the bank. At the price of RM 139.90, the P841 is gold for what it can deliver.

  • Pros
    • Lightweight and solid construction
    • Excellent sound quality
    • Good price/performance ratio
    • built-in microphone and controls for volume adjustments and answering calls
  • Cons
    • Volume cannot be lowered to lowest / raised to highest with a single click on the button

Edifier P841 Headphone With Remote and Mic Review 15Edifier P841 Headphone With Remote and Mic Review 17


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