Earlier Batches of AMD RX 480 4GB Confirmed To Be Rebadged 8GB 5

Alleged claims on the early batches of AMD 4GB RX 480 are actually 8GB has been confirmed by wccftech.com today as they have successfully flashed their retail XFX RX 480 4GB to unlock all available memory to a whopping 8GB in total.

Earlier Batches of AMD RX 480 4GB Confirmed To Be Rebadged 8GB 6

From the screenshot above, you can see the GPU-Z screenshot showing before and after wccftech got their XFX RX 480 4GB flashed to a 8GB that includes an additional speed boost to the memory clock. This is of course, made possible if the 4GB card itself is confirmed to have 8GB memory and do in mind that you’re taking a risk that could render the card a paperweight if it is flashed with an incompatible BIOS.
If you’re into BIOS flashing, backing up the original BIOS is mandatory and Keith May from wccftech.com suggest that backing up the original BIOS has to be done using ATIwinFLASH from techpowerup.com as backing up the BIOS with GPU-Z will result in a corrupt 128kb file and not the full 512kb BIOS file. 

(Source: wccftech.com)
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