Dell Technologies has announced they are pumping up their effort in bolstering the PowerProtect Data Domain line of systems together with the APEX Backup Services AI and Storage Direct Protection services to counter the problematic increase in cyberattacks in recent times.

Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series

With 75% of organizations believed that they won’t survive against any sort of ransomware threats with nearly 70% lacking confidence in recovering from cyberattacks reliably, courtesy of the 2024 Dell Global Data Protection Index (GDPI) Survey, one of the first waves of measure is to release some new offerings (well, why not) which in the case are the PowerProtect Data Domain DD9410 and DD9910 systems dedicated to large enterprises.

Designed and tuned for traditional and modern workloads, they are now much faster in creating backups by up to 38% and even 44% for restoring them. The efficient game is also improved by up to 11% less power consumption and an astounding 65x deduplication ratio. They can also hold up to 1.5PB of usable storage inside them.

Aside from that, the APEX Backup Services AI not only is built with AI but also built for AI as the integrated GenAI assistant excels in addressing GenAI data protection by providing users with real-time custom reports with context-filled variables plus suggestions in a natural language, strengthening security postures and backup, provide troubleshooting through prompts, simplifying administrative operations like backup creations and event triggers, and more.

For the people who relies on the Storage Direct Protection service within the PowerProtect Data Manager, it can now integrate with Dell PowerMax enterprise storage for fast, efficient, and secure backups to and from any PowerProtect Data Domain systems, leading to expanded capabilities in the form of:

  • Up to 46TB per hour restoration rate for single backup and 21TB per hour for single recovery
  • Full restore to original or alternate PowerMax system
  • Immutable data protection or optional cyber vault integration
  • Centralized management and orchestration with simple operations
  • Multicloud support for PowerProtect Data Domain replication and cloud tiering


The Dell PowerProtect Data Domain DD9410 and the DD9910 systems are available now alongside the APEX Backup Services AI feature while the PowerMax-integrated Storage Direct Protection will be made public starting Q3 2024.


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