So we heard that there is to be a LAN Party in KDU College this weekend held in conjunction with the PLAY! Convention which is mainly a cosplay event but there are to be some gaming tournaments for Dota2, OSU! and Pokemon as well.

Here is a schedule of the PLAY! Convention, if you’ve missed day 1, then I hope you can make it to day 2.

We got a shock of our lives when we saw this banner from afar… very clever marketing…

We head straight to the registration booth.

But we found out later on that we were to collect our media tags from the Info Counter.

Some other participants registering themselves…

Already we can see some cosplayers eager to start, here is Deadpool!!

A snack booth is set outside the Switch outlet

and upon entering the main hall, we see some interesting booths.

First booth belongs to CIB Mall, here to promote their game(s)

Little Akiba is featuring a new trading card game called Weir-Swartz and will be teaching whoever is interested to learn about the game.

Speakingf of learning the game, KDU showcased their gaming booth where you can learn how to develop games.

No games in production yet but the CGI demo they had on is impressive indeed. So if you’re interested, give KDU a call now

The White Box booth featured driving simulators, 4 in total for everyone to try.

Even if you’re an anime character.

MSI is also part of the exhibitors with their gaming-oriented notebooks.

We take a closer look at their GS60..

And their GT70.. sweet looking machines

Other booths include anime related items for sale, Pokemon anyone??

Another trading card game booth; interestingly as the name implies, Politiko is a card game based on politics. Do give this one a try 😉

Next to that, another sales booth that sells delicious concoctions such as  potions for gamers

And nope I’m not kidding. We tried some of them, needless to say they were delicious.

Another sales booth next to that. You can get lotsa anime based merchandise from here, keychains, mousepads, figurines, posters and more.

Another trading card game is featured in the main hall, Avarium Academy is based on high school life. Interestingly, a set of cards can be played by up to 4 players. Avarium Academy is still in beta testing stages so keep an eye out for it.

Right smack in the middle of the main hall are where MSI set up 10 units of the GT70 gaming notebooks for the Dota 2 tournament.

According to Bruce, the marketing manager from MSI, they would provide these GT70 for competitions and exhibitions such as these to showcase the capabilities of their gaming notebooks.

Good luck to all the teams!

As we cross-over to the other side of the hall we see a Tekken Tag 2 tournament being held.
Both Players and Spectators have their full concentration on the screens.

Moving along, here is the setup for the OSU! competition

Practice, practice, practice

We also spotted NZXT Phantom and Cooler Master elite chassis used for the OSU! competition.

Of course, we have people doing cosplays here and about.

and we’ve even manage to find Wally!!

Our main mission is to have a look at the LAN Party. After looking around, we were told that this is the room for the LAN Party, labelled only with an A4 sized paper.

We were a bit early at the event, not many are there yet.

But the people are as enthusiastic to get started nonetheless. Here the moderators are setting up the network.

Now this is something you don’t see very often, a Zalman ZM-T4 chassis! Participants are to bring along everything of their own.

One of the participant enjoying the gaming session.

and we took the liberty to feature his Corsair Carbide 300R

Storm Trooper alert!! Hope he’s not to pressured about it.

PvP session 

This setup inside an Aerocool Templarius caught our eyes.

A monster of a setup with an Asus Matrix series GPU. According to the owner, the next upgrade is an aftermarket CPU cooler.

Even the mods join in on the fun

We went around the room again to have a look at what other participants have. we noted that there were quite a few Cooler Master chassis around. BTW Nice headset there.

The Cooler Master HAF 912 as seen.

The original classic CM690 is here as well and guess what did we spotted?

The budget friendly chassis Cooler Master K282 is spotted as well

and finally a CM690 Nvidia edition, classic indeed.

We took a stroll on the other venues and arrive to a console games lounge.

Which only has a single PS3 hooked up to an Edifier M1335 speaker and a projector.

Getting more crowded as time goes.

The OSU! army showing off their skills

The show has yet to start, we’ll be back for more of the stage

Taking a break on the road after a long journey through the sea, aye captain?

The DotA 2 Match live!

Stay focused…

Here’s DDZ from Arrow Gaming, anyone else you can identify?

Checkout their gears

MSI dragon army
We took some random snapshots of people in the event

When the cosplay competition began, the crowd’s attention shifted to the main stage.

Some MCs introducing the judges and opening act

Judges are flanked by the crowd

The first act, Black Rock Shooter versus White Rock Shooter – nice effort for the costumes.

Princess Mononoke is watching on the first act as well.

Other participants enjoying the show while waiting for their turn

The second act is a participant displaying his combat prowess as a character from Assassins Creed, Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Sadly we had to stop the coverage short because of time constraint.

We spotted some cosplayers outside for a photo shoot on our way out

and there is even a food truck of the Little Fat Duck right outside in case anyone gets hungry.
Closing thoughts

We enjoyed our time spent in the PLAY! Convention. The event overall was very interesting as we noted how creative the people were, particularly the people who created the trading card games as well as cosplayers.

The LAN Party has a rather small turnout but we were told that this is the first time that PLAY! Converntion was held in such a manner. We manage to share some information that might help out for future LAN parties and look forward to the next PLAY! Convention.