We’re here again at the Mid Valley Exhibition Center for another Malaysia I.T (MIT) Fair, the first one in 2015 in fact ;). This is the second day so if you happen to come across anything you like, you may be able to grap it on the last day…. which is tomorrow. 

I arrived at about 15 minutes past 11a.m, probably explains the scarce crowd. No worries, the crowd always come… always. Right at the entrance, you’ll find the traditional “wall of deals” so do stop by to check it out before entering the hall.

KooZaa.com is the official e-store for MIT Fair this time around.

Garmin points the way at the entrance. Don’t ask me which of these two Garmin is giving away, I didn’t stop to ask.

Right behind them is Vivo, supervisor busy briefing the girls at the moment so we’ll get a pict later on.

The regulars Kaspersky is here as always.

On the left (supposedly the exit) is where iPro has their booth.

Right in front of them? rivals Alcatel’s booth in blue.

Sure enough, we see Garmin’s booth nearby as well.

KooZaa.com also has a booth at the fair. Enough lingering around the exit, let’s get in.

The first booth is Asus, displaying their ZenPhone and laptops. Sorry, no ZenPhone2 at the booth but they kindly told me that it’ll be here in March.

Lenovo takes the opposite space featuring their line of laptops and mobile devices as well.

Looks like someone totally enjoy his job.

What are tech fairs without it’s share of pretty gals eh? Dell really knows how to attract customers.

HP is also joining the fray of laptops, they even have printers to boot.

Western Digital showcases their storage solutions.

Here is the first gaming-oriented booth of the fair. Jayacom with goodies from Razer, CMStorm, MSI and of course Intel.

Razer soundbar with the subwoofer unit, I’m told you can pre-order it with them already 😉

Not the latest but if you’re ineterested, the Razer Chroma line of peripherals is also here.

Not forgetting MSI components. Cooling courtesy of Cooler master 😉

Seagate also wanna share their storage solutions. Check out their wireless plus storage disk while you’re here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be had for RM799 at the Yes! booth (T&C apply) or get the Xiaomi RedMi Note if that tickles your fancy.

MSI set up their own booth as well.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, this is the latest GT80 gaming notebook that was launched yesterday. Have a read on the coverage of the GT80 launch right HERE

Since I had time, let’s run the Unigine heaven benchmark to see how this desktop replacement fares.

So far so good….

The heat is well managed even though it has dual GTX980M inside.

And here’s the results! nice average 🙂 for those of you interested to get one, note that you’ll need RM14K to own it.

Moving along, Aztech’s booth featured smart home appliance.

While BenQ have their lineup of monitors and projectors.

Canon booth has all your printing needs. No cameras though.

D-Link offers their connectivity solutions.

TP-Link as well.

Acer laptops is next in line, but hey! they have a discount for their P-Series projector so do check them out if you’re in the market for one.

AVF peripherals galore!

Jayacom joins in the fray as well with their peripherals and accessories.

Yet another Acer booth so I focused my lens on the pretty lady instead 😉

Rapoo displays their arsenal of nifty and affordable accessories.

Gadget life’s booth, yep.. more accessories

Hmm.. this shop is new to me.. but wait…

Stton Bike? apparently, this is motorised!

turns out that they have several models that one could buy.

There is one with a single wheel as well…

Look ma! No hands!!

Moving on, you’ll find yourself in a jungle of accessories. 

Powerbanks and thumb drives…

to other nifty and cool (some not so) gadgets and accessories for your I.T needs.

Fruit juicer…


Selfie sticks

Portable speakers

A new brand of GPS on the rise??

As mentioned before, the crowd always come, this place is getting filled up.

Another TP-Link booth.

Now, this one caught my attention. The latest gaming peripherals is in gadget zone.

Anyone looking for a mechanical keyboard? the Ducky mini is spotted here as well 🙂

They even have goods from DX Racer!

Viewsonic booth have some 18″ displays going at a discount..

But the star of the show is this one, a 28″ 4K resolution monitor. Pricetag? RM1899… ouch

Someone opened up a rest station, smart move.
But I don’t think there is anything new about those drinks.

Despite the crowd, some booths doesn’t get any attention at all. 

Nikon cameras is here. Come to think of it, I’ve forgotten to ask if they have the new D750 on display…

I also see quite a lot of media boxes featured in the fair.

Astro’s booth promoting their iptv package, a chance to get their broadband and tv package if you’re looking.

Speaker booth blasting away as usual.

And after that comes the mobile service providers. Maxis have some nice bundles going on.

Unifi is still being promoted as usual.

RedOne prepaid is here, claims to have the lowest postpaid plan so do check them out if your current plan is failing you.

U mobile have free Mifi devices to attract subscribers.

And we’re back at the Vivo booth.. surprisingly, it’s a big booth.

Huawei is here as well.

And Lenovo didn’t wanna miss the show as well.

Spotted the Yoga Tablet 2. 13″ 1080p IPS display looks good!

It even has a built-in mini projector! neat!

Have you liked Garmin Malaysia’s FB page yet?

Told you I’ll get a picture of one of the girls from Vivo, as a bonus, here is another pretty lady from Alcatel.
Well that concludes the tour around the first MIT Fair of 2015! if you see something you would like to get from the fair there is still another day that the fair will be there. Generally much more accessories but you’ll never know what might catch your interest in this crazy recurring event 😉


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