We’re arrived early at All IT Hypermarket at Ikano Power Centre today for the Razer Blade Launch Event and of course, the loot of Razer goody bag which is limited to the first 50 person in the queue.  Upon arrival, we can see that there’s already people queuing in a long line!
Never look into their eyes they said, too late – She’s just too gorgeous to not to get noticed. 
Kenneth Lim from All IT Hypermarket is in his “capture the moment” mode again.
And some familiar faces – Low, Alex, Dabeng.
Men(s) In Black & Green, the guys from Razer preparing to greet the attendee of the Raze Blade Launch Event.
Our friend Dabeng always know how to utilize his waiting time.
The early birds on the line, kudos to you guys!
First 50 person in the line is entitled with the Razer goody bag!
Small competition for extra loot before! Everyone seems excited about it.
Special gifts for the female attendees!
Razer girls in the line, can’t take my eyes off the Razer girls.
“Whos hotter?”
Must… Resist… Forget it. Hello girls!
Do a dance and the swag pack is yours, easy as it sounds? 
“Okay guys, you’re ready for the cult”. 
Happy attendees collecting their goody bag.
The lucky 50 who got their Razer goody bag, say Razer!

One more question, the first person to answer will get another mystery gift from Razer!

And here’s the lucky guy and apparently he’s one of the ASUS LAN Party as well!

The Razer Blade Pro and… she’s looking at us!
The specifications of the Razer Blade Pro (the SRP of the Razer Blade Pro is RM 9,199)

That’s a really handsome power button we must say, activate poison.

Attendee trying out the Razer Blade Pro.

That’s one sexy looking front view of the Razer Blade Pro.

Dabeng trying out the Razer Blade Pro as well.
And here’s the new Razer Blade… with SRP of RM 8,799.
Future eSports start in the making.
Oh wait… Someone’s coming!
Special guest of today’s event, Team Titan! Starting from the left, Chong Xin ‘Ohaiyo’ Khoo, Joel Zhan Leong ‘XtincT’ Chan, Kang Yang ‘kyxy’ Lee.
Where’s Wai Pern ‘net’ Lim and Kang Yang ‘kyxy’ Lee?
They’re running a small competition where the crowd will go on a one on one challenge against the member of Team Titan and the person who manage to beat any of them is entitled for 20% discount on all Razer Gaming Peripherals on the same day.
Challenger no.1 takes on Ohaiyo to earn his chance for 20% discount!
Going against professional eSports player will not be an easy task. 

Challenge accepted! XtincT takes on the challenger without any hesitation as he’s ready to win the game.

Don’t let your guard down, she’ll beat you up before you can even notice!
Manager of Team Titan, Tiffani ‘Oling’ Lim takes on the challenge as well.
Getting teased as a challenger is skilled enough to be able to overcome the Titan.
Our friend Han from Era of The Geeks is doing his cover for the event as well.
Behind the scene – Era of The Geeks.

It’s a trap!

Well… Who doesn’t like Razer girls right?

Even Kenneth from All IT Hypermarket agrees.

And Dabeng… we know it’s you.

So does our friend Akeef from Era of The Geeks.

We’re seeing great potential in this young man.

Another familiar face spotted… anyone knows who he is?

Say hello to our local hardcore Razer fans Jack, better known as RazerFanz- Jack by the Cult of Razer.

And his Razer Nabu.
Meanwhile somewhere less crowded… Dabeng unpacks his loot containing the Razer hoodie.
That’s the end of the challenge and the fans is given a chance to take a group photo with their favorite team before the event ends.
A fan requested for signature on his newly bought Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition.
Posing with his signed Razer BlackWidow Tournament.
Love how the team react when they’re told there will be a short interview session.
Interview session with Team Titan, great success! Check out the content of the interview from the video below, great thanks to our friend from Era of The Geeks!

The Grand Finale, Razer girls FTW!
That’s all for the coverage of the Razer Blade Launch Event and we thank everyone involved to make this event a great success! Game on!