Cooler Master has a cool announcement for all 60% keyboard lovers as the latest SK622 mechanical keyboard is about that plus wireless connectivity.

Cooler Master SK622 60 Wireless

Running a 65-key configuration, the board uses Cherry MX’s Low Profile switches to keep a more compact profile with a reduction in overall height. While it is RGB-equipped for the backlit and even a surrounding light bar, it can run up to 14 hours with everything cranked to the max or a whopping 4 months if you turn all aesthetics off. The port is USB-C to accommodate more cable enthusiasts these days while the wireless connection is handled by the Bluetooth 4.0 module that can be connected to Windows, iOS, and Android devices. The small print on the Z, X, and C keycaps seem to indicate that multi-connection and hot-swap are capable as well.

Sporting a set of newly designed keycaps, it is reportedly more comfortable to type on. The on-board memory holds a couple of ready-to-use macros such as Windows Key Enable / Disable for fast access during gaming or fully customizable through the MasterPlus+ application. Whether for gaming on-the-go or “Daytime Programmer, Nighttime Pro Gamer” type of users, the 60% form factor can fit in most daily usage without any problem.


The Cooler Master SK622 60% Wireless is available for purchase at the price of RM439 on Shopee right now.


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