Cooler Master launches the MasterCase H500, further expanding the H-Series known for its two iconic, 200mm fans. For a choice between maximum airflow and aesthetics, both the mesh front panel and transparent front panel are included in the box.

MasterCase H500

The MasterCase H500 is the latest case released within the H-Series, with the MasterCase H500M and the MasterCase H500P already available. In comparison, the MasterCase H500 is less complicated in options and modularity, but retains the essential H-Series characteristics. For gamers that prefer mesh, added portability, and a straightforward building experience, the MasterCase H500 offers a practical alternative that still keeps the series’ essential features.

Management of the pre-installed 200mm RGB fans is made possible with a controller that can also be connected directly to the reset switch. The top panel is capable of housing another, optional, 200mm fan for further thermal support. The MasterCase H500 also offers:

  • Mesh and Transparent Options Included: Choose between the full mesh front panel for optimized airflow and the transparent panel for aesthetics with the included accessory.
  • Two 200mm RGB Fans With Controller: Managed by an included RGB Controller, two 200mm RGB fans come pre-installed with support for one optional 200mm fan on the top panel.
  • Radiator Support: Up to 360mm radiator support in front and 280mm on top also includes native support for Cooler Master’s 200mm radiator.
  • Clear View Inside: A light grey tinted tempered glass side panel is ideal for showcasing your build with (RGB) lighting.
  • Top Magnetic Filter: Air passes through a flush magnetic filter on the top panel for added thermal support.
  • Covers For Clean Building: Display system builds neatly with a front cable cover and PSU cover.
  • Case Handle For Transport: The raised front panel covers a portion of the top panel to act as a handle for transport.

Features not mentioned above may be small implementations, but make a big difference when configuring the system. For example, the tempered glass side panel is removed by two, “captive” screws that are held in place with rubber. So, when the side panel is removed, the screws are not misplaced.

The SSD mounts, found behind the motherboard, are friction mounts. Without tools, four pegs are installed on the SSD and simply placed into the rubber holes, this will secure the SSD to keep it from moving even if the case is transported. Transportation of the case has also been addressed, with a subtle handle placed on the top panel.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500 Featured

Pricing & Availability

The release of the MasterCase H500 will commence immediately, priced at RM 399.


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