Cooler Master has announced a new subsidiary brand under the name of MASTER XP that focuses on building player experience and content.

MASTER XP Featured

Branching out from the usual hardware manufacturing business, the scopes under MASTER XP is more into packing innovation and immersion into exciting events to boost engagement with a wider crowd, particularly the younger generation Gen Z, or the Zoomers as you called it. From a simpler perspective, Cooler Master is differentiating its business nature to a sub-brand to handle all the esports or events alike so that other industries and companies could properly have some business deals with them accordingly.

Aside from cutting a deal with partners, it also serves them well internally with actual professional marketers and researchers with ample knowledge of the esports scene as well as current and ex-pro players being involved in running the operations through industry experience will definitely help Cooler Master itself in building hardware that brings our the best of players in any game.

Portraying a controller with a snapped-in X to represent playfulness and energy with a hint of purple in the XP part of the wording, MASTER XP is fully committed to churning out valuable, user-centric, and responsive resources across platforms and devices. Makes me wonder if Cooler Master would move its premium gaming products to be under this branding too.

Meanwhile, Click Here to take a look at the official website.


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