Cooler Master Launches the MasterCase Maker 5t In Malaysia at RM 999 1

Cooler Master, a leader in design and manufacturing computer components and peripherals, today announced the launch of the MasterCase Maker 5t. The MasterCase Maker 5t advances beyond the concept of a standard build by offering the option to completely swap and readjust the case’s form and functionality.
“We wanted to go for a sharper, bolder look, like a sports car,”said MarkSeverin, Case Marketing.“In the case of the MasterCase Maker 5t, we added in a few extras that cater specifically to gamers.”
The Gaming Angle
  • Dual-tone red and black finish
  • Two tempered glass panels
  • Red LEDs
  • Greater I/O with fan and lighting control
In line with the colour combination that shows up on many gaming-focused motherboards and components, the MasterCase Maker 5t is lined in red. It’s internal detailing is especially obvious with double tempered glass side panels. The panes are tinted but allow just enough light to give whatever’s glowing in your case an air-brushed, showcase look on both sides. For those looking to display their build in public, the thick panes come with key locks.
Sharp angles, red LEDs and metallic paint highlights give these cases the feel of a sports car. An included magnetic red LED Strip with the case gives you that same street-racing glow from the bottom (or top, or anywhere else) of your build.The MasterCaseMaker 5t’s controller board lets you control fan and lighting settings straight from the I/O panel. The board supports up to six fans and four LED strips, with settings for high (12V) and low (7V) fan speeds and continuous or breathing effects for LED lighting.

Cooler Master Launches the MasterCase Maker 5t In Malaysia at RM 999 3Cooler Master Launches the MasterCase Maker 5t In Malaysia at RM 999 5

MasterCase Maker 5t’s Extra Gaming Goodies
  • Rubber grip handle
  • Graphics Card Holder
Aside from dual tempered glass panels, there’s the Trooper-inspiredhandle. Wrapped in rubber, this extra steel shaft can supposedly handle sweaty hands for up to 28.5kg of cargo when you’re lugging it around at a LAN party. 
Anyone considering a case at this price will be thinking about two or even three graphics cards, for which Cooler Master has provided a Graphics Card Holder in the package. It hangs out on the motherboard panel to ease the load on any excess weight from the cards that could otherwise bend and damage your motherboard.
FreeForm™ Modular System and Internal Configuration
If you’re really planning on loading up the ‘engines’ of these cases with heavyweight parts, the MasterCase line’s FreeForm™ Modular System should provide plenty of options for how you want to lay out your hardware. The FreeForm™ Modular System in the Maker line is offers greater options for customization, adjustments, and upgrades.
Cooler Master Launches the MasterCase Maker 5t In Malaysia at RM 999 7Cooler Master Launches the MasterCase Maker 5t In Malaysia at RM 999 9
Maker Made &FreeForm™ Accessories
The MasterCase Maker 5t’s Graphics Card Holder and LED Strip are just two of an ever-growing range of accessories created by Cooler Master’s design team and its “Makers.” As it fills out, the options to really put together an altogether unique look and layout become more possible, with the idea of swapping and upgrading through the years rather than buying all new equipment every time technology moves forward. Check out the full range of Maker Made or FreeForm™ Accessories.
Pricing & Availability
The MasterCase Maker 5t isavailable for purchase in Malaysiafor a suggested retail price of RM 999.

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