Cooler Master Launches Devastator II Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo 1
Cooler Master, a leader in design and manufacturing computer components and peripherals, today announced the Devastator II, an affordable combo that takes the best features of its predecessor and makes them even better. The keyboard feels mechanical, with each key providing crisp, tactile feedback thanks to Cooler Master’s new, exclusive Mem-chanical switches. The mouse features side buttons, bright LED lights, and on-the-fly DPI adjustment. 
“With improved features on the Devastator II, we’ve brought great performance at an affordable value,” said Kevin Yang, Peripherals Manager at Cooler Master. “We recognize the importance of compatible custom keycaps and have ensured that each key can be customized with Cherry MX compatible keycaps. The LEDs come in red, blue or green for Malaysia Market.”
Switch Up Your Game with the Devastator II Keyboard and Mouse:

Cooler Master Launches Devastator II Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo 3

Keyboard Features:
  • Mem-chanical Switches – Cooler Master’s exclusive switches are durable and feel like mechanical switches with satisfying tactile feedback.
  • LED Backlighting – Single LED backlight helps you type and game at night. Plus, it just looks cool. 
  • Dedicated Media Hotkeys – Extra keys give you full control of music, movies, and in-game sound right at your fingertips. No need to install software. Just plug and play.
  • Laser-etched Keys – The print on each keycap has been etched in with a high-powered laser. That means the letters on each keycap won’t fade or disappear. 
  • Compatible with Custom Keycaps – Customize each key with your own Cherry MX compatible keycaps.
Cooler Master Launches Devastator II Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo 5
Mouse Features:
  • Precision Optical Sensor – Your cursor goes where you want, as fast as you want, even during intense gaming. Be in total control.
  • Three Pre-set DPI Controls – Perform surgical movements at 1000 DPI, lightning fast reaction shots at 2000 DPI, or stay prepared for anything at 1600 DPI. You can also quickly adjust between them on the fly. 
  • Solid Control and Grip – Solid rubber sides provide maximum grip. An ergo-ambidextrous shape means this mouse still works fine even if you’re left handed.
  • LED Lighting – LED lights can set the mood whether you’re gaming or typing in the dark. 
  • Five Responsive Buttons – The mouse has five buttons: left and right click, scroll wheel and middle click, and two thumb side buttons. The main buttons use Omron mechanical micro-switches. 

Pricing & Availability:
The Devastator II is now available locally for a suggested retail price of RM 199.

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