Cooler Master today launched a new line of high-end power supply units under the name V Gold. After five years of the original V series, a modern touch makes sense. Cooler Master has created a new and improved series of power supply units for the next generation of high-end PC builders.

Cooler Master V Gold Series Power Supply Unit

The V Gold comes in four different wattage levels, all of which have an 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating. This new product series features a new platform that boasts great performance from all fronts. Inspired by their past PSU lines, Cooler Master has endeavored to deliver something safe, reliable, and efficient for a new era of gamers, overclockers, modders, and anyone else who simply demands the best for and from their system.

The V Gold was created to bridge the gap between normal and high-end users. With 100% Japanese capacitors, it offers the quality and reliability of a top shelf, ultra-high wattage PSU but also comes available in a wide range of lower wattage models. No longer do users need to differentiate quality by wattage.

You can get the same quality design of traditionally 850W+ models in as low as 550W without sacrificing any performance value. If you only need a 650W, you shouldn’t have to buy an 850W for that level of excellence in your power supply. Now you don’t have to. If you’re a high-end builder or looking to make the transition to a higher level of power supply units, the V Gold is the perfect model for your next build or upgrade. Power Up with the new V Gold.

Cooler Master V Gold Series Power Supply Unit Featured

Pricing & Availability

The V Gold series is available now. All models can be purchased at Cooler Master Official Store and at local retailers.


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