Cooler Master Announces Sponsorship of Warriors Gaming (WG.Unity), Malaysia Professional DotA 2 Team 7

Cooler Master, the market’s leader in design and manufacturing of computer components and peripherals,announced today that they will be sponsoring Warriors Gaming (WG.Unity), a professional eSports DotA 2 team based in Malaysia. First discovered and currently owned by DF Realty Sdn Bhd, the team members were handpicked based of their proven achievements in local DotA 2 competitions. In a short span of time, WG.Unity has enjoyed a rapid success in South East Asia competitions, most notably by winning the recently concludedWorld Cyber Arena APAC Qualifier and went on to become the firstProDotA Cup SEA Series champion as well as JoinDOTA League ASIA Season 10.
Cooler Master Announces Sponsorship of Warriors Gaming (WG.Unity), Malaysia Professional DotA 2 Team 8
Left to Right: Tue “ahfu” Soon Chuan, Lai “Ah Jit” Jay Son,Kam ‘NaNa’ Boon Seng, Raphael ‘KaNG’ Chua, Neng “Wenn.” Ee Wooi
WG.Unity’s rise to fame in the DotA 2 eSports worldwide scene first caught the attention of Cooler Master Malaysia, who incidentally been on the lookout for suitable timing and opportunity to lead a hand into the development of the local eSports scene.

Cooler Master Announces Sponsorship of Warriors Gaming (WG.Unity), Malaysia Professional DotA 2 Team 9

Top Left to Right: Bonnie Ng (Manager), Tue “ahfu” Soon Chuan (Captain), Eng Kiat (Cooler Master Malaysia), Wayne Kok (Coach), Lai “Ah Jit” Jay Son
Bottom Left to Right: Raphael ‘KaNG’ Chua, Neng “Wenn.” Ee Wooi, Kam ‘NaNa’ Boon Seng
“We are excited to be given the opportunity to support the development of WG.Unity moving forward. WG.Unity’s performances and results speak for itself therefore the decision to have WG.Unity playing under Cooler Master banner was made rather quick and easy,” said Eng Kiat, Country Manager of Cooler Master Malaysia.
As the official sponsor of WG.Unity, Cooler Master Malaysia will support to the team by supplying to them its Cooler Master Eco-system which consists of the Case, Power, Thermal Solutions and Peripherals. Together with MSI Gaming mainboards and graphics cards, the team’s boot camp rig will be further customized by Mod’n’Go Design, a renowned PC Modding& Building house based in Kelantan.
Commenting on the confirmation of Cooler Master sponsorship, WG.Unity’steam coach Mr. Wayne Kok took the opportunity to express, on behalf of the team, their gratitude and commitment towards Cooler Master Malaysia.

“I would like to thank Cooler Master Malaysia for quick and smooth negotiations on the sponsorship of WG.Unity by providing both salary package and components support to the team members. I have a good feeling that this partnership will be something special. I would also like to thank DF Realty Sdn Bhd, AK Racing and MSI Malaysia for their support as well.” 
Team Warriors Gaming.Unity (WG.Unity)
  • Calvin Liew (Team Owner, Founder of DF Realty Sdn Bhd)
  • Wayne Kok (Coach)
  • Bonnie Ng (Manager)
  • Tue “ahfu” Soon Chuan (Captain)
  • Neng “Wenn.” Ee Wooi
  • Lai “Ah Jit” Jay Son
  • Kam ‘NaNa’ Boon Seng
  • Raphael ‘KaNG’ Chua
  • ProDotA Cup SEA Series 
  • World Cyber Arena APAC Qualifier 2016 
  • Pesta Selangor 2016 
  • AGON Challenge 2016 
  • Nanyang Championship Season 2 SEA Qualifier 2016 
  • AOC Masters Championship Season 3 
  • JoinDOTA League ASIA Season 10 
  • MSI Battle ofPride 2016 
1st Runner-ups
  • ESL One Manila Qualifier 2016

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