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Cooler Master, a leading manufacturer of desktop components and peripherals, today announced the MasterPulse In-ear Bass FX, an in-ear earphones with Bass FX Boost Dial technology for hard-hitting sound when you need it. With the MasterPulse In-ear Bass FXearphones you can switch the bass boost on or off at any time. Turn the dial on the end of each earbud for deep and heavy sound. Turn the Bass FX Boost off for clean and clear sound. The outer casing of the MasterPulse is crafted from high-grade, feather-light aluminum housing that can withstand the rigors of day-to-day use. Plus the comfortable material provides all-day comfort and passive noise isolation. An inline microphone with remote and tangle-free flat cable makes the MasterPulse In-ear Bass FX a great travel companion for your Android or Apple devices.
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Bass FX Boost Makes Sound Rounder, Smoother, and More Powerful
What’s better? Accurate sound or hard-hitting bass? The answer is… it depends. For phone calls or video games, a neutral sound lets you hear all sounds across the sound spectrum, especially voices. But if you want to feel the thump of the music then heavy bass is a must. The MasterPulse In-ear Bass FXgives you the best of both worlds thanks to a patented Bass FX Boost Dial technology. Just turn the dial at the end of each earbud and the bass and treble blend together to provide an incredible head-bopping, toe-tapping listening experience. 
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High Grade Aluminum Housing and Comfortable Ear Tips That Stay On
A light yet durable aluminum housing protects the innards of the MasterPulse In-ear Bass FX from rough use and ensures a long life span. Rugged, breathable, silicone ear tips grip better and keep the buds in place for music on the go. The shape of the earbuds is specifically designed to seal noise out so you can enjoy listening to clear and rich music without the nuisance of noise ruining your tunes. Three sizes of earbuds (S, M and L) are included so you can always find your perfect fit.
Inline Remote and Microphone
The high-quality microphone offers accurate and clear voice quality, allowing for easy-to-understand conversation. An inline remote lets you control media (play, pause, answer calls, skip back and forward between tracks, rewind and fast forward) on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. It also lets you answer phone calls without taking out the earbuds. The microphonehas been strategically positioned to pick up your voice. Whether you are shouting tactics to your team during an intense gaming session, or when you are burning up the road in a 10K run.

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Tangle-Free Flat Cable
The MasterPulse In-ear Bass FX uses a flat cable that’s resistant to knots and kinks. This insulated rubber cable protects the internal wiring from damage and eliminates microphonics.

Semi-Hard Carrying Case with Inner Compartments
A carrying case gives the MasterPulse In-ear Bass FXextra protection. The case is tough yet flexible enough to put in your pocket comfortably. Inside the case are inner compartments where you can place extra earbuds and other valuables. 
Cooler Master Announces the MasterPulse In-ear Bass FXEarphones 29

Pricing & Availability
The MasterPulse In-ear Bass FXis now available for purchase locally at a suggested retail price of RM 219.

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