ADATA and its gaming division XPG have also joined the CES 2024 event and yes they did showcase a whack ton of stuff there but we’ll cover some of the more interesting ones in this post.

ADATA XPG Project NeonMax

Is the tiny RGB diffuser on the top of your RAM too pleb for your taste? How about the entire RAM becoming the RGB itself? Here’s XPG giving you a big YES in the form of the Project NeonMax DDR5 memory kit.

Yes, you’ve seen it here. According to ADATA, 60% surface area of the transparent shroud has been occupied with RGB LEDs to blast your rig with disco lights like never before.


XPG is also expanding the enthusiast-level PC chassis portfolio through the new DEFENDER WS XXL created in collaboration with EK WaterBlocks that houses extremely large internal cavities for all the high-power parts. As it comes with dual 1600W titanium PSUs, buyers can immediately get to work and fix up the most beastly workstations they can build.

If this is too big for you, then perhaps the DEFENDER WS XL is for you with almost identical features but just in a relatively smaller form factor.

ADATA Project NeonStorm

Continuing the good streak of shelling out SSDs with adequate cooling performance like last year’s LEGEND 970 and SE920, the new Project NeonStorm is here to kick it up a notch.

Utilizing a double-layer aluminum alloy air ducts plus a liquid cooling system, it can maintain its rated maximum speed of 14GBps/12GBps read and write. And the drive itself has a bit of RGB too in case your crave for more lights are not done yet.

ADATA Eco Friendly Storage Products

“Eco-friendly IT products = everyone support”, how true is that. So, ADATA is releasing some thumb drives under the new Project ECO family with the debut of the Refresh and Flip duo.

Manufactured with recycled materials, the entire production generates 85% less carbon emission which is a good thing while the packaging only uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified materials.

ADATA AI and Smart Living Industrial Products

Those eyeing for industrial-grade equipment, not only are 2023’s SD cards there but also enterprise-level CXL memory and registered DDR5 RAM sticks alongside PCIe 5.0 SSDs to choose and browse from.


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