BIOSTAR has announced the iMiner A588X8D2 pre-built mining system in their latest round of announcements.


Fully designed and pre-assembled by the brand, the iMiner A588X8D2 is fixed with a total of 8x AMD RX580 GPU within a simple plug-and-play system delivering an ETH hash rate of 232 MH/s with the rest of them being an Intel G4900 CPU and 8GB DDR4 RAM. The system can be configured to run Windows, Linux, or HiveOS depending on the user requirement. Although not the strongest and most bonkers setup out there, this machine is actually made to provide newcomers an easy way to enter the crypto mining scene without blowing a ton of capital from the get-go while reducing the need for technical expertise towards hardware and software. Interested parties may also get them in large quantities if desired since the latest and greatest GPUs are in the hands of all the old guys within the industry already.


As this is one of the less common things even for the people like you and me, you’ll probably need to give BIOSTAR an inquiry or quotation email to get more info about the iMiner A588X8D2.


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