The eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Asia, an esports tournament sponsored by BenQ ZOWIE, has just concluded its Malaysian qualifier round. Team FrostFire won, and they’ll be advancing to the Shanghai Asia Finals.


The international tournament also saw a host of specially invited media from across the region including representatives from China as well as Singapore to grace the two-day Malaysia Qualifier leg of the eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Asia Open.

On the first day of the offline Open Qualifier, teams FrostFire and MVP.Karnal were qualified among 17 other contending teams who also attended the qualifier event. Both went up against strong competition from 2 teams from the online Open Qualifiers which were CoVE Esports and Virtual Genesis.Anthrax.

eXTREMESLAND CSGO ASIA OPEN 2018 Malaysia Qualifier winner and loser brackets

In the second round of the tournament, CoVE Esports met FrostFire and was knocked out 2-0 to the losers bracket with 16:8 on de_Inferno and 16:6 on de_Train. This put CoVE Esports in dire straits against Virtual Genesis.Anthrax in the Losers finals. On a BO1 setting, CoVE Esports pulled off a victory, finishing 16:7 on de_Nuke and got another chance to engage FrostFire in the finals.

The finals took place on de_Train and finished 13:16 in CoVE Esports favour but FrostFire pulled off 2 wins in a row, 16:4 on de_Mirage and 16:7 on de_Dust, making the tournament seem all to easy for them. Ultimately, FrostFire claimed the crown and will advance to the Shanghai Grand Finals.


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