be quiet! has announced an addition to its portfolio of all-in-one water cooling units with Pure Loop 2.  offering substantial improvements by implementing a PWM-adjustable pump and ARGB LEDs around the cooling block.

be quiet! Pure Loop 2 AIO liquid cooler 1

The new Pure Loop 2 liquid cooler is equipped with up to three Pure Wings 3 PWM high-speed fans that feature a closed-loop motor function that keeps them at a consistent speed regardless of the air resistance of the radiator while operating at only 36.8dB at max speed.

In addition, there’s rubber padding inside the pump unit’s housing which further reduces vibration. Plus, a nickel-coated cold plate is incorporated for optimal cooling performance for any new-generation desktop processor and allows the use of liquid metal thermal compounds.

be quiet! Pure Loop 2 AIO liquid cooler 2

When it comes to appearance, the cooler stands out with its sleek all-black design, complemented by a cooling block that enhances visual effects with vivid ARGB lighting.

Not only that, a user-friendly refill port is also featured on the radiator to allow convenient top-up when necessary. Also included in the box is a 100ml bottle of cooling liquid that provides enough for at least six refills.

Pricing and Availability

While there are no local prices yet, shoppers may acquire the new be quiet! Pure Loop 2 starting from 10th October at the following price points:

  • Pure Loop 2 (120mm) — USD$99.90
  • Pure Loop 2 (240mm) — USD$114.90
  • Pure Loop 2 (360mm)  — USD$139.90

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