BATTLEMODS Asia Tour Is Here - First Ever PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Modding Tour In Asia 1

Cooler Master, NVIDIA GeForce Garage, MSI, APACER, Dremel and CableMod join forces to introduce the BATTLEMODS Asia Tour; the first ever PLAYERUKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND Modding Contest that spans across Australia, Thailand, Philippines, India and Vietnam. Each country will be represented by a duo of the best modders in their country and given the challenge of making the world’s first PUBG mods along with the brand they represent.
The alliance is an initiative to help develop the interest and appreciation for building PCs for gamers, content creators and anyone that uses PCs in general. The teams in each country will showcase how this is done with live streams and videos. The finished projects will be on display at events in each country. To stir things up, the public gets to vote which country did the best PUBG case mod.
For more details on the PUBG Modding Contest, kindly visit the link as per following:

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