If you’re planning on getting yourself a TUF Gaming notebook from ASUS now, you’re in luck. ASUS has just announced the new pricing for its previous gen TUF Gaming FX504 gaming notebook, with RM200 off from the current price tag.

ASUS TUF Gaming FX504

Effectively today, you can enjoy RM200 off on selected ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 gaming notebook models as per below:

ModelSpecificationsNew Pricing
FX504G- MEN039Ti7 8750H/GTX1060/8GB DDR4/1TB SSHD/128 NVME SSD/15.6” 120Hz 3ms Full HD TNRM4,899
FX504G- ME4308Ti5 8300H/GTX1060/4GB DDR4/1TB HDD/128 NVME SSD/15.6” Full HD TN)RM3,899
FX504G- E4269Ti7-8750H/GTX1050Ti /4GB DDR4/1TB SSHD/128 NVME SSD/15.6” Full HD IPSRM4,099
FX504G- DE4509Ti7 8750H/GTX1050/4GB DDR4/1TB SSHD/128GB NVME/15.6” Full HD IPSRM3,899
FX504G-DE4492Ti7 8750H/GTX1050/4GB DDR4/1TB SSHD/15.6” Full HD IPSRM3,799
FX504GDi5 8300H/GTX1050/4GB DDR4/1TB SSHD/15.6” Full HD TNRM3,149
FX504GDi5 8300H/GTX1050/4GB DDR4/1TB 5400rpm HHD/15.6” Full HD TNRM2,999


This offer is available from all ASUS authorized resellers and ASUS official store on Lazada. Further details on the ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 can be found in the following link bit.ly/specs-fx504.


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